Rebel Wilson shows off her butt in black thong lingerie after 60-lb weight loss

REBEL Wilson took a snapshot of her butt in black thong lingerie after showing off her 60-lb weight loss while on the set of her new film project.

Rebel, 41, had no problem with flaunting off her curvy figure in a slew of sexy snapshots for her Instagram.

In one of the photos, the Aussie star wagged her tongue at her phone while presenting her backside to the mirror. 

In another pic, the comedian took a full shot of herself from top to bottom. 

In the caption of her Instagram Story, the movie star wrote that she was feeling "glamorous on set today."

Her black thong matched with the black dress she is wearing for her upcoming film, The Almond and the Seahorse.

In the behind-the-scenes photo, the Cats singer can be seen sharing a meal with co-star Charlotte Gainsbourg, 49, at a fancy restaurant. 

Rebel's meal consisted of a healthy round of halibut, asparagus and baby corn.

In her Instagram Story, Rebel captioned that Charlotte had eaten "4 servings" of her meal, which included seabass, scallop and baby turnip.

In the following Story, she also wrote in the caption that her fish was just as "delicious" as her "partner."

Her meal from the movie set is keeping Rebel on track with her healthy dieting plan.

About a year ago, Rebel made a New Year's resolution to reach her target weight of 165 pounds.

In order to achieve her goal, she decided to "avoid sugar and junk food."

On social media, she posted a picture of herself wearing a tracksuit and bra.

In the caption of the photo, she wrote: “Even if you have to crawl towards your goals, keep going x it will be worth it.

“Try and give a little bit of effort each day…I know some days are frustrating as hell, you feel like giving up, you get annoyed at the lack of progress…but good things are coming your way."

Back in February, Rebel posted a snapshot of herself wearing a denim dress, yellow cardigan and white heels.

She kept up with her good spirits especially after announcing her split with billionaire Jacob Busch, 29.

She wrote: "Lots on my mind…aghhhhhh…#single-girl-heading-to-Super-Bowl!"

The Pitch Perfect actress explained to The Sun exclusively why she chose to lose the weight for herself.

Rebel realized that being bigger was not doing any favors to her mental health.

Rebel commented: “It's not like I want to lose weight and get to around a certain number.

"It's more than that, it's about dealing mentally withwhy I was overeating and I had a job where I was paid a lot of money to be bigger, at times which kind of can mess with your head a bit."

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