Sex scandal confirmed as Beth prepares to cheat on Kirk in Corrie

We’ve seen Beth Tinker (Lisa George) recently reconnecting with old boyfriend Marco in Coronation Street, and as the two reminisced fondly about the good old days and their mutual love for The Human League it was obvious there was still a spark between them.

Things with Beth’s other half, the dim-but-adorable Kirk (Andrew Whyment), haven’t been so good recently after the nasty incident when Beth slapped Hope (Isabella Flanagan) when she tried to frame Beth’s dog Peanut for the murder of her pet chinchilla.

Kirk was naturally aghast that his partner could be capable of such a thing, so Beth had to go all-out to prove that she was a nice person deep down by sitting down with Kirk and going through some of their mementoes. Sadly among the souvenirs of Beth’s and Kirk’s shared life was a letter from Marco, which didn’t go down well with Kirk.

In upcoming episodes Beth agrees to meet Marco again as he says he wants to organise a school reunion.

Glenda (Jodie Prenger) advises her not to go as she can see that Beth is finding the prospect of seeing Marco again a bit too enticing. But, not one to take advice, Beth agrees to meet her former love in a hotel bar.

As she and Marco once again get on well, Beth realises she’s getting into some very dangerous territory and is on the verge of putting her whole relationship with Kirk at risk.

Will she go ahead and cheat with Marco – or will she realise that her heart lies with Kirky?

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