Simon McCoy scolds GB News guest over ‘inappropriate’ comment ‘Too much information!’

GB News host attacks ‘overreaching’ SNP

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Simon McCoy and Kirsty Gallacher hosted the Great British Breakfast on GB News on Monday and invited comedian Abi Roberts to discuss the morning’s headlines. However, former BBC broadcaster Simon scolded the guest as GB News viewers branded some of her jokes “inappropriate”.

The comedian revealed it was “very early” for her and she’d arrived on set from a gig. 

“I’m still in my gig uniform,” she remarked. “I’ve still got my make up on.”

“That’s too much information for this early,” Simon commented. 

Later in the discussion, Abi joked her former boyfriend was nicknamed “donkey”.

“For reasons I won’t go into,” she added and Simon scolded: “You don’t need to.”

GB News viewers weren’t impressed as one tweeted: “@GBNEWS why have comedians comment on the news papers? Totally inappropriate. Totally stupid.”

“@GBNEWS OMG talking points section. What a disgrace. We have a serious Afghan situation and you’re talking about “donkeys” . Get a grip,” another wrote. 

While a third disagreed and added: “@abiroberts b****y [email protected]

More to follow…

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