Spoilers: Al's devastated as Priya and Ellis have sex in Emmerdale?

Love rat Al Chapman’s (Michael Wildman) plan to be with Priya Kotecha (Fiona Wade) and Debbie Dingle (Charley Webb) of course was never going to be a success.

Once Priya knew about Al’s betrayal, she successfully managed to convince him she was still in the dark about what he was doing and managed to gain access to his laptop, hatching a plan to make it look like Al had stolen from Kim (Claire King).

Kim sacked Al, leaving him debating whether he should leave the village altogether. However, he decided to stick around and tried to suggest to Priya that she come to him with any problems she might have.

Coming up, Al fires Priya, wrongly assuming she was the one who dished the dirt on him to a client.

Elsewhere, with chemistry growing between Ellis (Aaron Anthony) and Priya, things are set to get steamy when Priya battles her conflicting emotions.

Will Al be left devastated when his hopes of getting back with Priya are crushed after discovering Priya and Ellis have slept together?

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