Tammy Slaton has 1000lb Sisters fans gobsmacked with weight loss

1000lb Sisters: Amy worries about being a good mum to Gage

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The hit TLC reality show had some good news in the latest episode as Tammy Slaton had finally qualified for life-changing weight loss surgery. With filming for 1000lb Sisters currently over for the time being, the family has been keeping fans up-to-date on TikTok, and recently revealed Tammy has been keeping up with her new healthier lifestyle.

Fans have spotted Tammy looking much healthier in a new TikTok from her sister Amanda Halterman.

In the clip, Amanda shows off her nephews Glenn and Gage whilst joking around with the family.

She asks each of them what their spirit animal would be, and Tammy jokingly responds by sticking her middle finger up at the camera.

Both sisters then joked they would be a sloth, and Amanda quips: “Well, y’all are sisters so I guess you’re all sloths.”

Tammy only briefly featured in the clip, but a number of Amanda’s followers noticed she was out of her wheelchair and looking slimmer than she does in the series.

Kelly Bender replied: “Tammy looks so good I’m glad she’s ok.”

“No wheelchair!? Go Tammy!” Morgan exclaimed. “That’s so wonderful to see.”

Amy Barclay commented: “Look at Tammy!!! Wow girl!! You’re doing great!!”

Betty Blackstock added: “Tammy looks so good. So proud of her!!”

“Glenn looks more like Amy,” she then added with a love heart emoji for Amy’s younger son.

Christen Chapman said: “Tammy looks so good. Glad to see you three hanging out together. Amanda you crack me up!”

And Miss Kelly was also impressed, writing: “Miss Tammy! You look so good!!” (sic)

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In the latest instalment of 1000lb Sisters, Tammy had finally qualified for surgery after starting the season weighing over 700lbs.

The reality star was cheered on by her family and fans of the show, who will be able to check in on her progress over the coming weeks.

Meanwhile, there has been more drama behind the scenes as it was recently reported that Amy had split from her husband Michael Halterman.

A source has claimed she recently moved out of their Kentucky home with Glenn and Gage and is now living with Tammy.

“Amy says Michael is lazy and has been jealous of her attention toward the kids,” the insider told the US Sun.

“They’ve been having trouble since last year.”

Amy or her family have yet to confirm the reports themselves, but viewers could expect to find out more in later instalments of 1000lb Sisters.

1000lb Sisters season 4 continues Tuesdays on TLC in the USA.

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