Teen Mom Chelsea Houska takes fans outside the new front porch of South Dakota home with double doors & stone accents

CHELSEA Houska showed off the brand new front porch on her South Dakota farmhouse, complete with stone accents and rustic furniture.

The Teen Mom 2 star has documented the entire building and decorating process despite many fans slamming her choices as "ugly."

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Chelsea, 29, took to her @downhomedeboers Instagram account today to film her new front porch.

The mom of four recorded her black and white tile, welcome mats, and black rocking chairs with canvas seat cushions.

Plants and greenery lined the doorway and small rustic lanterns hung on columns.

Chelsea then filmed from the inside walking out, as she opened her large double doors overlooking the front yard.

Two Spring wreaths hung on the glass doors, black and white outdoor rugs added contrast, and round wooden chairs were paired up on the right side.

The reality star and her husband have been very open about their decorating process, despite many critics claiming their design choices are "ugly."

Earlier this month Chelsea documented the arrival of her new family room couch, a cream-colored sectional with accent pillows.

The young mom shared video clips of her children jumping up and down on the new furniture, as the whole family was excited for more seating.

"Can't wait to get this space decorated now! Let the fun begin," she wrote while filming the couch.

Chelsea and Cole have taken an unconventional route with their farm home, as the entire exterior is black including the roof.

In October, fans slammed the couple's house as "hideous", after she filmed outdoor shots using a drone.

"When was the last time I showed the exterior? My dad went out and got some really awesome drone shots the other day and I HAD to share.

"I just love it. Crazy to think how close we are to being done!!" she gushed.

Fans hopped on Reddit to share their opinions, one writing: "Sooooooo ugly oh my god."

"Hideous. With her house budget, she could have chosen something gorgeous. This is terrible and so is the cornfield view," another roasted.

"This house is WAY too black. Yuck," a third seethed.

Chelsea has four kids including her 11-year-old daughter Aubree whom she shares with her ex Adam Lind.

She also shares Watson, four, Layne, two, and Walker June, three months, with her husband Cole DeBoer.

The MTV star recently mocked her ex and baby daddy after someone created a meme making fun of his style choices.

The photo joked about "high school boyfriends" who wore a certain hat and white sunglasses as they drove their girlfriends around.

"I feel like I’m being personally attacked here," she commented with a series of sweating emojis.

Adam has not been present in Aubree's life whatsoever, and The Sun recently revealed that there's a warrant out for his arrest for owing child support.

The warrant, which was released on January 11, demands authorities “arrest Adam Lind either in the daytime or in the nighttime” and bring him to court. 

Adam is entitled to be admitted bail in the amount of $2,000 cash bond, which will be “paid over to the Division of Child Support to be applied towards” his debt. 

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