Teen Mom Chelsea Houska's fans think her daughter Aubree, 11, looks 'so grown up' as she prepares to enter 6th grade

CHELSEA Houska's fans were shocked to find out her daughter Aubree is preparing to enter 6th grade after growing up on the MTV show.

The Teen Mom 2 child star has been looking so "grown-up" in her recent videos and photos as she nears her own teen years.

Fans took to Reddit to share a screenshot from Chelsea's story of her daughter Aubree, 11.

The pre-teen gave the camera a big smile as she wore a white and blue striped top and her hair back in braids.

Chelsea, 29, captioned her shot: "Heading to 6th-grade pictures," which was a shocking revelation to fans in the comments.

"Omg baby Aubs growing up," one wrote with a crying emoji.

"I think I started watching 16 and pregnant when I was in jr high. It’s crazy how the babies are going into jr high now!!!" a second admitted.

A third joked: "Good god this is THE image for how big the kids are and how old we all are 😂 Is this not the image of a preteen!?"

"I can’t believe how old these kids are getting! She’s adorable and has good style 🤩," a fourth complimented.

"We literally watched her being born on tv. This makes me feel like a fossil," another wrote comedically, while a final gushed: "Middle school! These kids are growing up fast! She is so adorable."


In late July, Chelsea shared a new video of Aubree as they danced to music on a car ride.

The MTV child star looked much older than her first days on the network as she wore a pair of huge black sunglasses and bobbed her head to the music.

The reality star captioned the shot "Bestie," as she enjoyed a day out with her oldest child.


In a June photoshoot, Aubree posed alongside her mom on the front porch as they wore matching outfits for the occasion.

Many were floored at how quickly Aubree has gotten older, as the two wore teal tee-shirts, black jeans, and Doc Martin shoes and held up peace signs for the camera.

“Oh my gosh I Love this!!!! I can’t believe how grown up Aubree is! You are an amazing mom and are raising some incredible children!" one fan penned.

“Omg aubree is sooooo big!!!” another agreed while a third asked: “Why is she so big???”

“Omgggg when did she become all grown up. I been watching since 16 & pregnant & I feel so old now," one joked.

"I love it!!!! She’s getting so big! They grow up too fast," a fifth contributed.

“I’m not okay with Aubree being so grown," a final admitted.


Chelsea shares Aubree with her ex Adam Lind, and her children Watson, four, Layne, two, and Walker, five months, with her husband Cole DeBoer.

Adam and Aubree have become estranged over the last several years as he's made minimal attempts to stay in contact with his daughter.

In March, he even had a warrant out for his arrest after he failed to pay child support for Aubree.

The ex-TV personality was also arrested in August of 2020 for not paying child support.

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