Teen Mom Kailyn Lowry shares pic of her three youngest kids as she admits son Issac, 11, 'wanted no part of the chaos'

KAILYN Lowry shared an adorable new photo of her three youngest kids, as she admitted that her oldest Isaac "wanted no part" of the activities.

The Teen Mom 2 star has opened up about her struggles with four young children, including bodily changes.

Kailyn, 29, took to Instagram earlier today to share a sweet new photo of her three youngest boys, Lincoln, seven, Lux, three, and Creed, seven months.

The reality star proudly showed off her three smiling kids, though her oldest, Isaac, 11, was missing from the shot.

"Isaac said he wanted no parts of the chaos this morning ? #kailandthechaos ? @lincmarroquin @luxrlowry," she admitted, as she parents the children as a single mom.

Kailyn has opened up about the many difficulties that accompany having so many children, including changes to her breast size.

The TV personality recently confessed that she wears a size 36DDD bra, one that is difficult to locate in normal lingerie departments.

The young mom spoke about the issue on her Baby Mamas No Drama Podcast with Vee Rivera, revealing: "I personally wear a 36DDD, which is very difficult to find in regular stores."

Kailyn then shared her plans for a "breast reduction," to help towards more body positivity.

In January the MTV star opened up about her body image problems in a conversation with Married At First Sight star Jamie Otis, on her Coffee Convos podcast.

"I'm in a place right now where I don't want to go see people because I'm not happy with myself.

"Right now I'm at the highest weight I've ever been and I'm not happy with myself.

"My clothes fit differently. I hate it. Half of my brain is like, 'Go get fit' – I'm going to the gym every day – and the other half of me is like, 'I'm almost 30, just embrace your body, just be OK with it.'

"I am [happy with her body] on some days. On other days I'm like, 'Holy s**t, I hate my body,'" she reasoned.

Earlier this week Kailyn broke down in tears over internet trolls who have slammed her weight gain due to PCOS.

On Coffee Convos she opened up about the painful words: "I will say the hardest part for me in all of this is very superficial maybe. The comments that I get about my weight on social media and being on the show has been the hardest part for me.

"And that's where I get emotional because I didn't expect it and it's not something I've been able to control. I've tried. And so when people comment and they're like pig, cow, this that and the third, I'm like well f**k. Something is wrong.

"Normally I don't care this much because my weight has fluctuated. So I'm like I'll just lose the weight, and it'll be fine. And I'll feel better about myself. For a little over eight months, I have gone through- like do I get surgery. What is wrong with me that I can't lose weight?"

Kailyn was diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome, which affects a woman's hormone levels and makes it more difficult to lose weight.

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