The Bay's Morven Christie stunned to discover steamy alleyway sex scene gets special mention in tours of Lancashire

THE Bay's Morven Christie was left stunned to discover her steamy alleyway sex scene gets a special mention in tours of Lancashire.

The actress plays family liaison officer Lisa Armstrong in the ITV drama, which returns for its second series tonight.

In the first five minutes of series one, Lisa was seen having sex with a stranger in an alleyway after getting drunk in a pub.

She later discovered the man she slept with was the father of a missing teenager in a case she had been assigned to, leading to all sorts of problems for the cop.

The sex scene certainly caught viewers' attention, and anyone taking part in a tour of Morecombe, where the show is filmed, is now told about it.

Speaking to The Sun's TV Mag, Morven said: "Apparently they now do walking tours and say, 'This is the alley where Lisa shagged…' It’s the high point in my life."

The steamy scene saw the pair flirt before they had sex in an alleyway, with the man – Sean – lifting her skirt before they got passionate up against the wall.

Viewers at the time were surprised the ITV drama wasted no time in getting down to business.

One wrote on Twitter: "She's a classy cop. Small community and s****ing the local riff raff."

Another added: "5 minutes into #TheBay & someone’s getting rattled down an alley! Welcome to Morecambe."

A third tweeted: "My Mum watching that opening scene, “Ew, in the street” and shaking her head."

Series two sees Lisa suffering the consequences of her actions in series one, having been demoted at work, forced to move out of her home and dealing with her toxic ex.

The Bay series two returns tonight at 9pm on ITV. TV Mag is available free every Saturday in The Sun.

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