'The Office': 1 Cast Member Alludes to Doing Cocaine With The Door's Jim Morrison

Many fans think Steve Carell is the most famous member of The Office cast. But in reality, one actor had a lengthy career in music before joining the show’s ensemble. Creed Bratton has been in several bands throughout his lifetime. At one point, his band The Grass Roots was on tour with The Doors.

As a person and an actor, Bratton is known for telling stories in a way that leave many people thinking: “Is that true?” Office actor Brian Baumgartner gets to the bottom of Bratton’s “I did cocaine with Jim Morrison” story.

Creed Bratton’s real name is William Charles Schneider

Bratton was born William Charles Schneider. “That’s what my passport says,” he explained to Baumgartner on his podcast.

Office fanatics will recall the episode where Creed says: “Creed Bratton has never declared bankruptcy. When Creed Bratton gets in trouble, he transfers his debt to William Charles Schneider.” His actual passport is featured in that scene.

“I’ve been running from the law,” he told Baumgartner in the most Creed Bratton of ways. During his conversation with his former co-star, Baumgartner points out how difficult it is to tell whether Bratton is joking or not — just like what fans have seen of his character on the show. 

Creed Bratton’s music

Before he became known for The Office, most people knew Bratton for his many adventures in music. At 13-years-old, he began playing guitar. Eventually, Bratton joined his grandparents in their band The Happy Timers. 

Later, Bratton played with the Leanders in college. “I always played to make money — that’s how I got through school,” Bratton explained on the podcast. 

After college, he joined The Young Californians. “That was the band I traveled with for almost two and a half years in Europe,” Bratton reminisced. Eventually, he started playing in The 13th Floor band, which eventually became the band Bratton is best known for. 

The Grass Roots band’s lead guitarist

There were many incarnations of The Grass Roots, but one of the most popular was the one Bratton was in. He and his bandmates Rick Coonce, Warren Entner, and Kenny Fukomoto took their song “Live For Today” to the top of the charts. Their success allowed The Grass Roots to go on tour with The Doors. 

Bratton was with the band from 1966 to 1970, working with them on four albums. Ironically, the song Creed sings in the finale episode of The Office is one he wrote the year after leaving The Grass Roots. “I wrote the song by myself,” Bratton shared on Reddit. “I perform it all my shows!”

Bratton is still a musician to this day. One of his songs is even the theme music for Baumgartner’s latest podcast, The Office Deep Dive

Creed Bratton alludes to doing cocaine with Jim Morrison at the Playboy Mansion 

During his conversation with Baumgartner on The Office Deep Dive, Bratton talked about touring with The Doors. Baumgartner recalled a time on The Office set when Bratton told him: “That reminds me of snorting cocaine off a hooker’s a*s at the Playboy Mansion with Jim Morrison.” 

Naturally, Baumgartner was shocked to learn this — but he also isn’t sure about the authenticity of that statement. During their chat, Bratton could only say: “We’ll never know. I certainly don’t remember anymore.” 

In the past, during an AMA on Reddit, Bratton addressed his friendship with The Doors. “Didn’t drop drugs with the band all at once, but we did hang out in the ’60s a lot, [I] was friends with John and Ray,” he replied to one fan. 

So whether or not Bratton truly did cocaine with the late Morrison is still up for debate. But what is true is Bratton’s friendship with the band. As he discussed with Baumgartner, The Doors Drumore John Densmore was the best man at Bratton’s wedding. 

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