'The Real World: New York': Who Was the First Person Cast on Season 1 of the Show?

The Real World: New York cast finally share which roommate was the first person producers snagged to appear on the MTV series.

The cast does not seem to be very surprised when Julie Gentry shared that she was the first roommate recruited for the seminal series. “Who do you all think was the first person cast?” Heather B. Gardner queried the former roommates during the latest episode of The Real World Homecoming: New York. Becky Blasband believed it was Gentry, but Andre Comeau thought MTV signed Eric Nies. Nies was an up-and-coming model and actor at the time.

Who was the first person to join ‘The Real World’?

Was John Lennon was the 8th roommate on ‘The Real World’?

Gardner then demanded to know if Lennon was currently in the loft as she started to sage the place. Blasband said Lennon was not filming today but he was with her when they filmed in 1992. “Every now and then, he would drop in and I would know,” she said. “And I was very, very proud of the experience and was honored.”

“Yeah, he left in 2002,” she remarked. “He wrote me a little song thanking me and expressing his love. And I haven’t come out with it because, you know, I’m shy.” Some of the cast members remained skeptical. “Not only do I not believe in ghosts, I don’t think that John Lennon’s ghost would have anything to do with you, Becky!” Andre Comeau said in a confessional.

But Nies believed that Blasband shared a connection with Lennon. He said he had his own experiences with the spirit world and loved Blasband’s story.

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