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UNEARTHED clips of The Traitors star Maddy Smedley acting in two major BBC dramas have left fans gobsmacked.

The star recently rose to notability thanks to her appearance in the new BBC One smash hit reality TV show The Traitors.

The receptionist made it to the final week of the show before she was taken out of the game in shocking scenes.

Now clips of Maddy's acting past have resurfaced after she spoke about her time in hit BBC shows EastEnders and Casualty on the show.

In Casualty, Maddy can be seen playing a teaching assistant who was born without a womb but a desire to have children.

After discovering that surrogacy would be too expensive of an option, her character discussed the possibility of a family member carrying the child for her.

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With her sister confused by the whole idea, Maddy's character's mother carries the child for her.

In the scene, Maddy is seen chatting with the midwife at the hospital about the impending birth and how excited she is to have a child.

Maddy also appeared in long-running BBC soap opera EastEnders as a homeless woman named Rita.

A clip shows Rita sat in a dark and dingy alleyway when she is approached by a young Bailey Baker who had ran away from home.

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Rita questions if she is made for a life on the streets as she asks her if she has ever stolen before tussling with the youngster to see if she has any money or valuables on her.

Maddy reacted to the fan who had unearthed the clips on Twitter, saying: "As if you found it! Thanks for sharing it! HNY."

Fans were left both impresses and gob-smacked by her roles in such shows.

One fan declared: "An excellent actress! Give her more roles."

Another wrote: "Well @MadelynSmedley you smashed it in this scene! Lovely work!"

As a third hoped her new found fame would open up a series of doors for her.

They said: "The best part of this is that @MadelynSmedley
is, as it turns out, a really good actor, and I hope her appearance on the Traitors just opens loads of doors for her."

Maddy stunned her fellow players on The Traitors when she revealed all about her acting past.

Over a tense breakfast meeting, Maddy told them:"I do wanna say guys… I'm working in a care home but I have done some acting work.

"I was like a homeless woman in EastEnders and I did Casualty."

Her fellow players, including Meryl, Amanda and Kieran, were left open-mouthed at her jaw-dropping revelation.

Theo explained how he felt his 'trust' he built up with Maddy could have disappeared as a result of her bombshell.

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Secret traitor Amanda used the piece of information to her advantage as she got Maddy having worked as an actress into a number of conversations.

She insisted Maddy must be good at what she does as a result of her having 'scenes' as opposed to just working 'as an extra'.

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