The Untold Truth Of James Duggar

The Duggar family rose to fame with their TLC show “19 Kids and Counting,” which birthed the spinoff “Counting On.” The newer show largely featured the lives of Jessa Duggar-Seewald and her sister Jill Duggar-Dillard at the start but often times will include their younger siblings as well. In fact, their younger brothers, especially, seem to be frequent guests on episodes. 

James Duggar, who is Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar’s 13th child and eighth son, has popped up from time to time, allowing us to get to know him a little bit better. Over the years of watching these TLC shows, we’ve seen him go from a young boy being homeschooled with his siblings to a grown young man setting out on his own. Ahead, we’ll share all the interesting tidbits we’ve collected about James, including what his life is like these days. Keep reading to learn more about the young Duggar.

James Duggar is known as the "fixer"

James Duggar, according to his parents, is the Duggar family’s “fixer.” Apparently the teenager has a knack for figuring out how things work and how to fix them when they don’t. “James is able to do just about anything he thinks up,” the Duggar parents wrote on their family Instagram in July 2020. “Even as a child, we would find James ‘fixing’ various household appliances. He has always been one to take things apart, figure out how they work, and put them back together—with a few special modifications!”

Being a jack-of-all-trades can certainly come in handy for doing work around the house or lending a hand to his many siblings, and when James settles down, it’s likely whomever he marries will be grateful to have his particular skill set in a husband. It’s always nice to have someone nearby who can fix anything that breaks or goes wrong!

Jim Bob Duggar might be playing matchmaker for James Duggar

Brothers James Andrew Duggar and Justin Samuel Duggar are numbers 13 and 14 respectfully of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar’s 19 children. While Justin just married Claire Spivey, it’s now James who’s getting all the attention. Lauren Caldwell, younger sister of Joseph Duggar’s wife, Kendra, is rumored to be in a courtship with James Duggar. Fans are champing at the bit to hear just who’s caught James’ eye — especially because he hasn’t said anything publicly yet. 

In November, the Lauren announced her engagement to Titus Hall, but just six weeks later, there was no further mention of Hall and his connection to Lauren has been all but wiped out. Rumors surrounding a possible courtship with James, however, are everywhere. There have been reports that linked Lauren to both Jedidiah and Jason Duggar, as well as James. But more than that, there are also implications that Jim Bob Duggar and Paul Caldwell, Lauren’s father, are rumored to have something to do with the fact that Lauren and Hall are no longer engaged. Fans have plenty of ideas about Jim Bob, especially, playing a little matchmaking with his 13th child’s love life.  

James Duggar bought his first home

It turns out that James Duggar is a home owner! Not only that, but he bought his great starter home with his own money and wasn’t dependent on his parents to help him out, according to The Sun. James’ house sits on 2.65 acres and he purchased it himself for $72,988 in January. The house, according to The Sun, is 940 square feet and has two bathrooms and a garage. There’s no word on how many bedrooms, but the one-story house probably has a couple!

Though Jim Bob Duggar has been known to fix up houses and sell them off to his kids, James went a different route and instead found and purchased a home on his own. While we don’t know exactly where it’s located, we feel confident it’s probably not too far from his parents’ home in Arkansas.

James has been a homeowner for a few months now, and we think his penchant for being a “fixer” probably comes in handy. Not only would this allow him to make any needed updates upon moving in, but he’ll be reliant on himself for any repairs or changes in his home.

James Duggar is a licensed truck driver

James Duggar, who is 19 at the time of this writing, has already earned his CDL and is working hard to turn that into a business. On his Instagram page there are only a few pictures, but it’s clear that he’s using some serious heavy equipment to clear some land. And while driving heavy machinery to clear land in the woods — like he’s shared on his Instagram — it’s still impressive to see what he’s working toward. In February, James posted a collection of photos of himself clearing land, writing, “Nothin like workin in the outdoors!”

Apparently, the elder Duggars are impressed, to say the least, with their son’s motivation. “This year James worked hard to get his CDL and he has become an expert at driving all the big trucks and heavy machinery!” James’ parents, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar wrote on their family Instagram in 2020. 

James Duggar is very close with his family

With a family as large as the Duggars, there are plenty of people for James Duggar to be close to. In fact, is parents, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, call James the “funcle.” In a post for James’ birthday in 2020, his parents wrote on their family Instagram, “He is the “funcle” (fun uncle!) and all the younger boys around here look up to him and want to be just like him!”

James has plenty of little ones to dote on until his has kids of his own — 20 nieces and nephews, in fact, with 21 and 22 on the way. James clearly loves to spend time with all the kids, as evidenced by what all the family shares on Instagram, but also spends plenty of time with his siblings as well. Whether he’s celebrating their weddings or taking a break from work to break out in song, it’s clear there’s always something going on with the Duggars.

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