The Voice viewers in tears as singer Stephanee Leal reveals she lost her husband days before their wedding anniversary

THE Voice viewers were left in tears tonight after Stephanee Leal revealed her husband died just days before their second wedding anniversary.

The singer revealed she moved to England after meeting her late husband in the Caribbean.

But tragically their happy lives were cut short when he had an accident in Cornwall, dying just days before their second wedding anniversary.

Stephanee told the judges: “I moved to England after I met my husband. He passed away about two years ago.

“Music’s been my healer. I ended up here so I have to give it my all.”

Speaking ahead of her blind audition she said: “We were about to have second anniversary and then he passed away.“He had an accident in Cornwall.

“He was in hospital fighting for two days but then he passed away.”She added:

“I didn’t have my family with me so music got me through. Songwriting was a big thing for me.

“I feel like because he didn’t get to finish his life story it’s up to me to make him proud.”

Both and Anne Marie turned around for Stephanee and the Latin songstress choose to go with Will.

Stephanee added: “It’s definitely been a hard journey and I think he’ll definitely be proud that I’ve made it this far and push through.

“I pictured him as I sang it. It feels good.”

Viewers were left in tears at the emotional scenes.

One wrote: “I am not okay after Stephanee’s performance  #thevoiceuk”.

A second said: “Oh my goodness Stephanee’s story got me  so incredibly sad. Bloody beautiful song choice too #thevoiceuk”

Another added: “Poor Stephanie. I’m crying!”

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