Tipping Point fans in disbelief as ITV player makes ‘obvious’ question error

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    Tipping Point viewers all had the same complaint when one player made a huge question error during the quick-fire round.

    During Friday’s visit to the ITV studios, Ben Shephard welcomed Anne, Alex and Howard onto the show to put their general knowledge to the test.

    The afternoon gameshow sees contestants battle it out to win a £10,000 jackpot by answering brain-scratching questions for counters to put into the 2p arcade-style machine.

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    As the game got underway, fans were quick to pick up on one player struggling to correctly answer “her own name.”

    Before the start of the nail-biting quiz, Ben asked: “Are you okay Anne?” to which she immediately responded: “Pass” much to the shock of the viewers tuning into the primetime show at home.

    And things only went from bad to worse, after the nervous quizzer continued to pass seemingly obvious questions during the intense quick-fire round.

    This included questions like: “Wembley EE stadium is in which UK capital city?” as well as: “Which monarch reigned over the United Kingdome in 2020?” – both of which she passed.

    It didn't take long before fans flooded to Twitter to share their thoughts on her panicked quick-fire round.

    One user joked: "#tippingpoint I have never seen anybody get zero on round 2. Amazing effort Anne, Couldn't even mane a UK capital city…"

    Another agreed: "#tippingpoint Zero questions right Anne, surely the worst contestant ever. My Lord."

    A third chimed in with: "Even Ben had to ask Anne if she was alright! She must have come on for a bet, cause she certainly wasn't there to win. ANYTHING. Never seen anything like it #TippingPoint."

    Unfortunately, Anne was the first contestant to be booted from the show after she failed to get any questions right on the ITV show.

    Meanwhile other viewers couldn't help but thank the loveable quizzer for an entertaining show as they gushed over her online.

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    One user penned: "Anne brought some brightness into an otherwise dull afternoon. Well done #tippingpoint."

    Another agreed: "Just on a note to Anne. Thank you for a wonderfully entertaining half hour #tippingpoint."

    A third echoed: "Aw Anne, you really have made my day [cry-laughing emoji] #TippingPoint."


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