What happens to Preacher in Virgin River?

Virgin River: Netflix releases trailer for third season

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Virgin River was last seen in November 2020 when season two came out on Netflix. Viewers have been waiting months to learn more of what happened next, so were excited when it returned last month to the streaming service. Unfortunately, there was a sinister ending involving one beloved character which subscribers didn’t expect.

WARNING: This article contains spoilers from Virgin River.

What happens to Preacher in Virgin River? 

Paige Lassiter (played by Lexa Doig) had left her old life behind in Florida, changing her name and taking only her son Christopher with her.

They moved to Virgin River in the hope of finally escaping her abusive ex-husband Wes (Steve Bacic).

After winning over her trust, Paige told Preacher (Colin Lawrence) the truth about her just as Wes was able to track her down and forced his way back into her life.

This didn’t end well for him as in an act of self-defence, Paige accidentally pushed him down the stairs as he was about to hit her, killing him instantly.

However, Wes’ twin brother Vince showed up looking for him, much to Paige’s disbelief.

She ran away, leaving her son Christopher in Preacher’s care as she figured out what to do.

In the season three finale, Preacher meets an “old friend” of Paige’s who says she is going to skip town forever and wanted to say goodbye to Christopher.

Before so, Preacher wanted to speak to Paige first and so the friend took him to the woods where she was supposed to be.

On the way there, they stopped at the shop to get a drink with the friend buying Preacher a soda.

He sipped the drink along the way to the woods but as he got there, he started to feel funny.

This was because his can had been poisoned and Preacher collapsed in the forest.

The so-called friend of Paige’s then took his phone and ran off, leaving him unconscious on the ground.

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As fans guessed, this was part of Wes and brother Vince’s plan all along.

Later in the episode, Connie (Nicola Cavendish) returns to the house with Christopher and are surprised to see Preacher isn’t home.

Sitting in the dark on the sofa in his place is Vince, who looks like he is getting ready to kidnap his nephew.

Will Vince take Christopher and what is going to happen to Preacher?

Virgin River hasn’t yet been officially renewed by Netflix so far.

However, there have been numerous reports that the romantic drama has quietly been given a season four.

It is believed filming started for the new episodes last month so Virgin River could return next year if this is the case.

Virgin River is available to watch on Netflix.

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