Whatever Happened To Michael Schoeffling?

If you were a teen or a tween in 1984 when “Sixteen Candles” was released (or you’ve caught it in the years since then on VHS, DVD, cable, or streaming services), chances are you spent some time swooning over the character of Jake Ryan and wishing you had a Jake of your own. Jake was the local high school heartthrob that Molly Ringwald’s character Sam had a raging crush on. Jake Ryan was played by Michael Schoeffling, and he was the textbook definition of tall, dark, and handsome.

Seriously, even today, in 2021 a simple Google search of Michael Schoeffling’s name or “Jake Ryan Sixteen candles” turns up articles and blogs dedicated to their devotion to Jake Ryan and their curiosity about what Schoeffling has been up to (and what he looks like) since “Sixteen Candles” debuted in the 1980s years ago.

Let’s go on a treasure hunt and find out what happened to Jake Ryan, er, we mean Michael Schoeffling.

Michael Schoeffling hasn't acted since 1991

After “Sixteen Candles,” Michael Schoeffling had serious heartthrob status among fans. His role in “Sixteen Candles” was his first credited role (via IMDb). He was 24 years old when it was filmed. He went on to appear in “Sylvester,” “Vision Quest,” “Let’s Get Harry,” “Belizaire the Cajun,” “Longtime Companion,” “Slaves of New York,” “Mermaids,” and “Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken.” His last acting job was in 1991.

Schoeffling then walked away from Hollywood completely. He told the Los Angeles Times in 1990, “Actors spend most of their time out of work, so I actually spend more time making furniture. The thing about furniture that’s much better than acting is that it’s just me. There’s no director, no script – the concept is me unless a client wants something.”

Schoeffling married model and actress Valerie Robinson in 1987, per Nine.com.au. The couple leads a quiet life in Pennsylvania, where the actor grew up, per Nine.com.au. Schoeffling has a woodworking shop, per the Hollywood Reporter. His daughter Scarlett is a model and actress living in New York City (via Instagram). Schoeffling and his wife also have a son named Zane.

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