Who are Mayim Bialik's kids?

FANS of The Big Bang Theory spent hours watching Mayim Bialik play Amy in the hit US comedy and its prequel – Young Sheldon.

Amy had one kid on the latter show – Leonard – but how many kids does Mayim have in real life?

Who are Mayim Bialik’s kids?

Mayim, 45, has two sons: Miles and Frederick.

Both kids were born before she began playing Amy in The Big Bang Theory.

Mayim had her two sons with ex-husband Michael Stone, who she was married to between 2003 and 2012.

Around the time of her divorce, the actress released a book on parenting called Beyond the Sling.

Speaking to the Moms Like Us podcast in September 2020, Mayim revealed her kids haven’t seen her on The Big Bang Theory.

Mayim said: "They know about [my career] in bits and pieces.

"My kids didn’t watch television. They’ve never seen Big Bang Theory.

"They’ve visited me at work a couple of times, but they're not sitcom watchers.

"I go to the supermarket, but then I get recognised and they remember that I’m not normal at all."

Mayim also revealed how Michael and she have looked after the kids during the Covid-19 pandemic.

She said: "I'm so incredibly grateful, not only for my ex-husband, but for all of the work that we've put in to be able to have the kind of conversations we have to have.

"We're essentially quarantining together in two houses, meaning we're the only people that we see and our kids go between two houses."


Miles, 16, was born in 2005.

The youngster was born while Mayim was balancing her acting career with getting a PhD in neuroscience.

It is believed she was actually on a break from her studies around the time of his birth to focus on acting, starring in popular sitcom Curb Your Enthusiasm.


Frederick, 13, was born in 2008 – two years before Mayim joined the cast of The Big Bang Theory.

The academic had received her PhD by that point and was focusing more on neuroscience rather than acting.

Mayim soon returned to the screen, though, as she wanted to spend more time with her family.

Explaining her decision to Yahoo in 2012, she said: "I figured actors never work, so it's the perfect job to have."

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