Who is Paloma Faith’s boyfriend Leyman Lahcine? – The Sun

LEYMAN Lahcine is Paloma Faith's long-term partner.

In February 2021, the couple revealed they had welcomed a baby girl into the world.

Who is Leyman Lahcine?

Leyman Lahcine is a French artist, who was born in Grenoble in 1987.

He has travelled, lived and worked all over the world, but he spent a long time in New York before moving to London in 2014.

Leyman's quirky and imaginative art has been exhibited in New York and London.

In 2015 he exhibited his works at Maison Bertaux, a bakery which has its own art gallery.

He regularly posts snaps of his work on Instagram.

How long has Leyman Lahcine been with Paloma Faith?

The happy couple have been dating since early 2013.

The singer has insisted: "Leyman is my husband. You don't need a marriage certificate."

Paloma was married to taxidermist Rian Hayes but they divorced in 2005, a year after their nuptials.

In 2015, Leyman told Glass magazine that he loved living in London because it was where he met "the love of my life".

How many children do Paloma Faith and Leyman Lahcine have?

Paloma announced that she'd welcomed her child with Leyman on December 5, 2016, telling fans that she had had a difficult birth, requiring an emergency caesarean.

It was later revealed she'd had a little girl.

Then on February 20, 2021, the couple welcomed another daughter into the world, so they now have two children together.

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