Americans who haven't gotten stimulus checks need to claim them by May 17

AMERICANS who have not received stimulus checks payments have been urged to claim as soon as possible with the May 17 deadline looming.

Those who are not normally required to file a federal tax return must do so in order to obtain the first or second payments as a refund.

The plea comes after it was revealed that people were apparently discouraged to file their taxes early due to the extended filing date.

Already the Internal Revenure Service (IRS) has said that it has received 11 million 2020 returns as of April 15 and has processed over 100million of them.

To date, the IRS has sent over 73 million refunds.

And this new deadline means that companies are offering free tax preparation assistance until May 17 to those who qualify, according to a report by Effingham Radio.

They add that “if you have not received your third stimulus payment, check the Get My Payment tool on the IRS website to see if it has been issued.” 

This is because the IRS has all of 2021 to issue the third stimulus payment and, if you do not receive it, you can claim it as a rebate on your 2021 taxes.

Furthermore, CNET report that if you’re still waiting for any three of these payments and you are concerned that something has gone wrong, then you may need to take action to locate your missing stimulus money.

This would include checking that the IRS has the correct information on file and trying to track your payment.

Only yesterday, it was reported that a seventh batch of $1,400 stimulus checks have already been sent to Americans as IRS processes tax returns.

About two million payments were issued in the latest round, bringing the total to date to about 163million.

It means the payments sent out over the last six weeks are worth roughly $384billion.

The latest batch includes approximately 1.1million direct deposits and 850,000 paper checks.

President Biden has been handing out this cash since he launched his American Rescue Plan in March.

Stimulus checks and ‘plus up payments’ are designed to help people cope with the financial implications of the pandemic.

After the President delivered his first address to Congress on Wednesday night many rumours circled online about whether a fourth wave of stimulus checks could be sent out.  

While he made no mention of an additional round of payments, Joe Biden highlighted two letters he'd received from people informing him how much the checks had helped them.

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