Awkward moment VP Harris reminds Biden about Florida condo collapse

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Sure you don’t want to say anything else, Joe?

Vice President Kamala Harris appeared to remind President Biden to mention the deadly South Florida condo collapse before leaving a White House event Thursday.

Biden had given remarks on infrastructure and taken questions from the press on that issue as well as voting rights. He then attempted to wrap up by telling reporters “I’ve got to get to a helicopter” before Harris approached.

The president and vice president exchanged a brief, whispered conversation that concluded with Harris saying, “Florida, yeah.”

“Oh, yes. I apologize,” Biden said, turning back to the microphone as Harris retreated out of camera view. “Yes, thank you, Madame Vice President.”

The president went on to say that he would send federal aid to the site if it was required, but he was waiting on a formal request from Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis.

“We are on top of it,” Biden said. “We are ready to move, from the federal resources, immediately — immediately, if in fact we’re asked for it … FEMA [Federal Emergency Management Agency] is down there taking a look at what’s needed, including from, everything from — if the rest of those buildings have to be evacuated as well; finding housing for those people; making sure they have the capacity to both have a place to — to shelter, and food to eat, etc.”

“I made it clear that I say to the people of Florida: Whatever help you want that the federal government can provide, we’re waiting,” Biden concluded. “Just ask us; we’ll be there. We’ll be there.”

At least one person has died and 99 people were unaccounted for late Thursday after the collapse of the 12-story condo building in Surfside, just north of Miami Beach. Fire officials said at least 35 people had been rescued from the rubble.

Surfside Mayor Charles Burkett told Fox News Thursday that what had been a search-and-rescue process was “starting to get into that horrifying portion of recovery.”

“Buildings like this do not fall in America,” Burkett told “Tucker Carlson Tonight”. “This is a Third World phenomenon, and it’s shocking.”

Burkett added that authorities “have all the resources we need. We’re not short on resources. We’re just short on good luck. That’s what we need, we need a lot more good luck.”

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