Children are treated in hospitals for extreme sunbur

Children are treated in hospitals for extreme sunburn after temperatures soared to 88.9F on hottest weekend of the year

  • Swansea’s Morriston hospital saw three children admitted to the burns centre  
  • NHS board urged parents to be diligent when applying suncream to children 
  • Dr Zoe Lee added: ‘Our advice to parents is to encourage their children to play in the shade as much as possible and reapply suncream on a regular basis’  

Three children were treated for sunburn across ‘fairly large areas of their bodies’ over the hottest weekend of the year in Britain. 

Yesterday the mercury hit 88.9F (31.6C) in Heathrow, west London, and 86F (30.2C) in Cardiff.

And Swansea’s Morriston hospital saw three children admitted to the Welsh centre for burns and plastic surgery over Friday and Saturday. 

The Swansea Bay NHS care board said: ‘Our burns centre has been treating a lot of children with serious sunburn and staff fear a further surge in cases in the coming days. 

‘Please remember to be sun safe. Just a few minutes applying a high-factor sun screen could save you and your child a lot of pain and suffering.’

Pictured: Sun worshippers descended on Sunday to the beaches of Bournemouth as weather forecasters predicted temperatures to reach the high 80s as the south of England basked in the heat caused by high pressure sitting over the UK

Visitors arrive to Bournemouth beach to enjoy the sizzling weather as the nations sees spells of warm sunshine break through

It comes after parents were urged to use sun cream on their children yesterday.   

Doctors are calling on parents to protect their kids from the blazing sun as temperatures soar across Britain. 

A spokesman for the Welsh centre added: ‘We have seen three children admitted in the last two days with sunburn to fairly large areas of their bodies.

‘As you can imagine, it’s quite painful and could have been avoided if they had applied protection.’

Dr Zoe Lee added: ‘Our advice to parents is to encourage their children to play in the shade as much as possible, wear hats and long sleeves, and apply regular applications of sun cream to the skin.

A group of children run through Centenary Square Fountain in Birmingham as the summer heatwave continues to sweep across the nation

A young girl enjoys body boarding along the cool waters on Weymouth beach as hundreds of people across the nation enjoy the sun

‘It’s also important to apply sun cream regularly and to keep hydrated.’ 

As the summer heatwave continues Tom Morgan, meteorologist at the Met Office, said: ‘Temperatures are expected to increase even further on Sunday, reaching highs of 33C in the south of the UK.’

He added an extended hot spell of weather is expected to last for much of the week ahead, adding: ‘It’s going to mean that people are really going to feel the effects of the heat as we go through this week.’

Yesterday in England, 86.5F was recorded in Coton In The Elms, Derbyshire, surpassing the 85.4F recorded in south-west London on June 14.

A woman laughs as her children bury her feet in the sand on a packed beach in Weymouth today as temperatures continue to soar

The year’s highest temperatures so far were also recorded in Usk, Monmouthshire, Wales, at 85.2F, and in Threave, in the Dumfries and Galloway region of Scotland, at 82.7F. 

And across England yesterday three people died after being rescued from water. A 19-year-old man was pulled fro the Salford Quays in Greater Manchester and died. 

The body of a man in his 50s was rescued from the River Ouse in the York. And a teenage girl was recovered from Ducklington Lake in Witney, near Oxford, but died later.    

Overnight temperatures peaked at 68F in parts of the UK last night, leaving some Britons waking up on the wrong side of the bed this morning. 

And the warm weather is set to continue this week, though snap thunderstorms could also be on the way, experts predict.  

It comes as temperatures are expected to reach 82.4F today in the warmest parts of the UK, including London and the south west. Most of the rest of the country is set for 80F temperatures throughout today.

However, while temperatures remain hot, rain could be on the way – bringing a bit of light relief from the sweltering heat.  

According to the Met Office: ‘Today will be a mainly dry day with long periods of sunshine once any early cloud burns back to the coast. 

‘Low chance of isolated heavy showers in the afternoon, mainly in the west. Very warm or hot inland, cooler near coasts.’

Tuesday may also come with more showers, though the warm weather is set to continue throughout the week, with potential thunderstorms on the way. 

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