Congressman Jamie Raskin's son, 25, who battled depression left note saying 'my illness won' before he took his life

A CONGRESSMAN's son who battled depression left a farewell note saying "my illness won" before he took his own life.

Rep. Jamie Raskin, of Maryland, and his wife Sarah paid tribute to their son Tommy, 25, after his death on New Year's Eve.

In an obituary posted on Medium, the family spoke about Tommy's sense of humour and "perfect heart."

While no official cause of death has been confirmed, Today reports that he died from suicide.

His parents also wrote that he was "tortured" in recent years by a "blindingly painful and merciless disease called depression."

Speaking of his final words, the tribute said: "He left us this farewell note on New Year's Eve day: 'Please forgive me. My illness won today.

"Please look after each other, the animals, and the global poor for me. All my love, Tommy.'"

The 25-year-old was a student at Harvard Law School where he also worked as a teaching assistant.

His parents described how he gave away half his teaching salary and made charitable donations on behalf of his students.

Tommy was a "passionate" vegan and a "gifted writer" who had opinion pieces published in various outlets including the Nation and Anti-War.Com.

Speaking of his battle with depression, his parents wrote: "…the pain became overwhelming and unyielding and unbearable at last for our dear boy, this young man of surpassing promise to our broken world."

Tommy is survived by his two sisters Hannah and Tabitha as well as his mum and dad.

The obit reads: "Tommy Raskin had a perfect heart, a perfect soul, a riotously outrageous and relentless sense of humor, and a dazzling radiant mind."

His parents had earlier said: "We are devastated and demolished to be without him."

His dad Jamie, a Democrat, was first elected to Congress in 2016.

The family has also set up The Tommy Raskin Memorial Fund for People and Animals which will support goods causes such as Oxfam, Give Directly and Animal Outlook.

If you or someone you know is affected by any of the issues raised in this story, call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 800-273-TALK (8255) or text Crisis Text Line at 741741.

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