Dad-of-two, 49, 'murdered' as 'killer, 27, crashed car into love rival in M&S carpark in rampage

A DAD-of-two was murdered when his killer crashed a BMW into a love rival in an M&S car park, a court has heard.

Matthew 'Tik' Tester, who was due to turn 50 next month, suffered fatal head injuries when he was run down by the vehicle in affluent Walton-on-Thames, Surrey.

A second man also suffered serious injuries following an alleged confrontation between two ex-boyfriends.

Both Shaan Mir and Steven Butler had been in relationships with Ize Schoeman, it's claimed.

But prosecutors say Mir, 27 and of Weybridge, Surrey, had become enraged after believing Mr Butler was responsible for the end of his relationship.

He arranged to meet Mr Butler in the car park – and Mr Butler brought along two colleagues, Lee Waring and Mr Tester, in case there was trouble, it was heard.

It's alleged a punch was thrown at Mir before he got in his car and drove straight into Mr Tester and Mr Waring while shouting: "You're not so f***ing hard now, are you?"


Leaving Mr Tester fatally injured and Mr Waring seriously hurt, Mir drove off, it's claimed.

It's said he then messaged Mr Butler to say "Glad all could be dealt with in a civil manner" before getting rid of his car and shaving his hair off in a bid to evade arrest.

He denies murder and attempted murder.

Michael Ivers, prosecuting, told jurors at Guildford Crown Court that Mr Tester and Mr Waring had their backs to the BMW and were walking away when horror erupted on April 22.

"Mir repeatedly drove and reversed over their bodies," Mr Ivers said.


"When he finally drove off Mr Tester was dying and Mr Waring was injured.

"Mir then changed his appearance – he changed clothes, shaved his head, and he even got rid of the car. He was questioned later that day.

"The first thing he said to police was his car was stolen. He repeatedly said that.

"He was asked questions by police and he answered 'no comment'.

"He later accepted he was the driver. He couldn't do anything other than accept that when he looked at the evidence."


The jury was shown police body camera video of the moment Mir was quizzed.

He told officers he was "baffled", adding: "My car has been stolen and you're arresting me for murder? You lot are off your heads."

Mir later told cops he was acting in self-defence, it's claimed.

Ms Schoeman asked to take a break from Mir in November 2020, it's alleged.

Jurors heard she'd known Mr Butler for years, and the pair had been in a brief relationship before she got together with Mir.

They came to watch my back… I didn't know what I was walking into

The defendant went to her home to pick up some of his belongings on April 20 before sending Mr Butler and his girlfriend texts, it was heard.

The men then agreed to a meeting in the car park after Mr Butler told Mir: "You've just ruined my life."

Mr Tester and Mr Waring, who were working on scaffolding in the town at the time of the tragedy, had nothing to do with the relationship.

Witnesses say Mr Butler was seen dragging his friends out of the way behind some nearby bollards as Mir shouted at him from the car.

Mr Waring suffered injuries to his face, for which he required a number of operations.

Mr Butler told the court Mr Tester and Mr Waring were "like father figures".

"They came with me to watch my back, just in case Mir turned up with a van full of blokes. I didn't know what I was walking into," he said.

The trial continues.

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