Daredevil loses both skis in mid-air as he does a stunt jump

Ski you later! Daredevil loses both skis in mid-air as he does a stunt jump – but at least he has a soft landing

  • Both of Oscar Mandin’s skis flew off his feet as he attempted to do a stunt jump 
  • The bindings on his skis came loose while he performed a 720-degree corkscrew
  • Thankfully he made it out unharmed when a thick pile of snow softened his fall 

A snow sports enthusiast had a lucky escape as he attempted a jump and both of his skis came loose in mid air.  

Oscar Mandin, 23, launched into the air to attempt a 720-degree corkscrew but the bindings on his skis came loose and he lost them both mid-spin.

A shocking clip shows Mr Mandin’s skis flying off his feet as he is propelled off the ledge and lands in a pile of snow. 

Oscar Mandin, 23, had a lucky escape after both his skis came loose when he performed a jump near his home in Morzine, France

The snow sport enthusiast is often out in the snow and shares his tricks and stunts with his thousands of followers on Instagram

The video starts with him making his descent, landing his first jump successfully before gliding through the powdery snow near his home in Morzine, France. 

As his skis ping off her thankfully falls in deep snow which made for a soft landing.

Oscar, who has more than 12,000 on his snow sports Instagram page, survived the incident with only bruising to his ego.

His fall was thankfully softened by a large mound of snow and he made it out with nothing more than bruised ego 

He said: ‘It was really funny to be in the air without skis.

‘Fortunately it was deep powder, so the landing was smooth. It felt quite good to land without my skis.

‘People will probably laugh about it and I also laughed watching it afterward, so it’s a funny video.’

Mr Mandin often shares clips of his impressive snow sport stunts on his social media. 

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