Eco-zealots who call the UK 'genocidal' launch hysteria protests

Eco-zealots who call the UK ‘genocidal’ launch harebrained hysteria protests marking start of an ‘October uprising’ across the country

  • Members of Just Stop Oil occupied four bridges in the capital, causing gridlock 
  • ‘Not a one day event’ but ‘an act of resistance against genocidal government’
  • Group is coalition of XR, Insulate Britain, Corbyn’s Peace and Justice Project

Eco-protestors who smear the government as ‘genocidal’ paralysed central London for hours yesterday as they unleashed a planned month-long campaign of mayhem.

Members of the group Just Stop Oil occupied four bridges in the capital, causing gridlock on busy roads, before converging on Parliament.

The protests were the start of an ‘October uprising’ revealed last week in an undercover investigation by The Mail on Sunday.

Just Stop Oil boasted it had ‘brought central London to a standstill by blocking four key bridges to Westminster – Waterloo, Westminster, Lambeth and Vauxhall.

Eco-zealots Just Stop Oil vowed to ‘occupy Westminster’ as part of a nationwide demonstration targeting more than 50 cities, towns and villages across the country. (Pictured: Protesters hold up flags and placards at a protest in central London on Saturday)

‘This is not a one day event. This is not a symbolic day out, this is an act of resistance against this genocidal government’. In Hatton, Derbyshire, supposed human excrement was poured over a statue of £32 million NHS fund-raiser Captain Sir Tom Moore by a young woman demanding an end to use of private jets.

Just Stop Oil is a rag-tag coalition of Extinction Rebellion, Insulate Britain, Jeremy Corbyn’s Peace and Justice Project and other groups.

The mob who blocked bridges were eventually moved on by police.

At King’s Cross, former Labour leader Mr Corbyn addressed activists who then set fire to fake energy bills in metal bins in protest at rising gas and electricity prices. One Just Stop Oil member warned activists plan bigger disruption today, saying: ‘It will be more spicy. We plan to get more people arrested tomorrow. Today it is just getting started.’

Protesters hold up flags and placards at a protest in London on October 1, 2022

In Hatton, former medical student Maddie Budd, 21, poured what she said was human faeces on the memorial to Captain Tom, 100, who became a national hero during the pandemic.

Posting footage of her protest, Budd, who belongs to a group called End UK Private Jets, said: ‘Every time one [private jet] takes off, it pours a bucket of s**t and blood on to everything Captain Tom stood for.’

Her action was condemned as ‘disgusting’ and ‘sick’ by social- media users.

The Mail on Sunday can reveal that the Unite union, Labour’s biggest backer, is supporting Just Stop Oil.

At an online meeting on Friday night ahead of the protest, a union official pledged to help pay legal fees for members who are arrested at protests or face trouble at work because of activism.

The Unite spokesman also endorsed stopping all oil use now – a move which would threaten the jobs of many union members.

During the meeting, regional Unite officer Gareth Lowe said: ‘We need to just stop oil now.

‘This is about a corrupt, far-Right government looking to protect the interests of the rich.

‘Collectivism, be that through non-violent direct action or trade union membership, can help to provide the solutions.’

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