Eric Adams stands out in deluded Dem mayor debate

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Reminder to the candidates for Democratic primary: You’re running for mayor of New York City. Not Fantasyland.

Asked about crime, Maya Wiley said she’d “confront the NYPD” and claimed she could defund the police because most officers just sat in their squad cars.

Scott Stringer said people died of COVID because they didn’t get enough housing aid.

Shaun Donovan says he’d get every high school student in New York a paid internship.

And so it went on in a mess of a debate on WABC, where the candidates mostly yelled over each without offering anything realistic to make our lives better.

Eric Adams, The Post’s choice for mayor, again showed himself to be the only one actually paying attention to what’s happening to New York. He stressed public safety, talked about the toll gang violence is taking on our streets, and noted, “If we are going to turn around our economy, we have to make our city a safe city.” Amen!

Kathryn Garcia mostly droned out plagarized versions of other candidate’s solutions, echoing Andrew Yang on cutting fines for small businesses, and stressing Kendra’s Law in helping the mentally ill, which Adams has been saying for months. Garcia left her job as director of the Sanitation Department in the middle of the pandemic, and said it was because her budget was cut — sending the message that she flees in the face of adversity.

Maya Wiley again demonstrated why she is the most deluded person in the race (amazing, considering she’s up against Donovan and Morales). She asked Eric Adams about the gun problem, then clarified she was talking about undercover officers carrying guns. If only ranked-choice voting had a “never in a million years” option.

A couple other candidates had their moments. Ray Maguire made a pitch as an outsider, saying “this is a bad movie playing out at City Hall with the same characters.” He does like his cinema, later quoting Jack Nicholson from “A Few Good Men.”

Yang noted that Mayor de Blasio was spending federal aid irresponsibly and we face a budget crisis that we need to address. But Adams also took Yang apart for his lack of experience, or even engagement with New York politics.

In terms of overall competency, with a plan for getting treatment for the mentally ill, tackling crime and bringing the city back economically, Adams is the most complete candidate. Rank him first.

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