Exams watchdog says schools could get guidance from AI chatbot

Exams watchdog says schools could get guidance from AI chatbot to stop pupils cheating on coursework

  • ChatGPT  is able to write an essay on any subject within a matter of seconds
  • Users can even ask the AI system to produce the work in the style of any writer
  • Teachers fear students may use this chatbot in school  for nefarious purposes  

Headteachers could soon receive official guidance to help them stop pupils using a new artificial intelligence bot from completing essays and exam coursework.

ChatGPT has the ability to answer complex questions or write an essay on any subject using its computer algorithms. 

The software has been released by Silicon Valley firm OpenAI. 

Tory MP Luke Evans raised the issue in the Commons before the recess by reading a speech which had been written by the chatbot. 

OpenAI’s ChatGPT has caused concern in schools over whether pupils could use it to cheat in GCSE or A-Level coursework

It is feared students could instruct the bot to answer questions in their coursework 

He instructed the bot to write a Churchillian style speech on the state of the UK over the past 12 months. 

Now, education experts fear students will be able to use the chatbot to cheat their way to success. 

Watchdog Ofqual told The Telegraph it was considering whether it needs to introduce guidance over fears of widespread plagiarism. 

Users have to register for an account, which is currently free of charge, before they can ask the chatbot questions. 

In an experiment, teachers marked three GCSE coursework projects in English language, English literature and history which were completed by the bot. 

Schools fear students will be able to use the chatbot and pass off the work as their own. 

Ofqual said: ‘We speak regularly with exam boards about risks, including malpractice risks, and will consider whether additional advice of guidance might be helpful.’ 

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