Former London mayor Ken Livingstone is battling Alzheimer’s, his family announce | The Sun

FORMER London mayor Ken Livingstone has Alzheimer’s disease, his family have announced.

One-time Labour left figurehead “Red Ken”, 78, “will no longer be available for any media interviews”, his spokesman said.

He added: “Ken’s well cared for by family and friends.”

Livingstone was a prominent figure in the capital for more than 40 years.

He introduced the congestion charge, ultra-cheap bus and Tube fares, and bendy buses.

The former MP was a thorn in the side of Margaret Thatcher’s Tories and New Labour under Sir Tony Blair.

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He was London’s first mayor in 2000 and served two terms, losing out to Boris Johnson in 2008.

He quit the Labour Party in 2018, embroiled in anti-Semitism allegations.

The Alzheimer’s Society said: “We’re grateful to Ken’s family for being open about his diagnosis.”

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