Furious mum refuses to homeschool her daughter, 5, during Covid lockdown because she 'is not a teacher'

A FURIOUS mum has told how she refuses to homeschool her daughter because she "is not a teacher".

The 34-year-old, of Hull, East Yorkshire, branded the closure of schools “absolutely ridiculous” and will not be helping her five-year-old complete the work set for her.

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She believes parents should be able to decide if their children go to school or not during the third national lockdown.

Speaking to Hull Live, the anonymous parent said: "This decision to close schools once again is absolutely ridiculous." 


"The choice of children going to school should be up to the parent.

"Kids need an education, they need to interact with their own peer groups for their own mental wellbeing, for their social and emotional development.

"Closing schools is not the right thing. I've never once thought my child was at risk at school.

"The teachers took all the correct precautions, to ensure their safety and the children's.

"I'm not a teacher. I won't be doing any home schooling.

"I am a mum and home is where play and fun things happen. Not about to change this for anyone."

Other parents agreed with her, saying there is simply no time for them to sit down with their kids.

Another mother added: "This time round I don’t intend on pushing work on my youngest.

"If he wants to do some work sent by the school, that’s great, if he doesn’t, fine, I will not be making it a daily battle.


"I’m his mum, I aren’t his teacher. I aren’t qualified to teach him nor do I want to put pressure on him when these children have already been through enough."

While a dad said: “I have four kids, and both myself and my wife are working from home.

"We don't have six laptops/pc's to ensure everyone is online at the same time."

It comes as schools could be shut past mid-Febuary as Boris Johnson last week refused to guarantee all kids will be back in class before the summer holidays.

In a startling move, the PM only said he “hopes” schools will reopen in the spring once the Covid vaccination programme is well under way.

He made the comments just hours after he closed all of England’s schools and colleges to most pupils and cancelled GCSE and A Level exams.

Meanwhile the mum of Britain’s biggest family has taken to Instagram to share her hilarious plan of attack when it came to homeschooling her kids

Mum-of-22, Sue, 45, from Morecambe, Lancs, called Alexa in to help manage her clann.

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