Harry and Meghan's Netflix documentary 'puts royal family at risk'

Harry and Meghan’s Netflix documentary ‘is putting royal family at risk from extremists’: Ex head of royal protection Dai Davies says couple raised ‘credible threat’ after attacking their relatives over racism

  • Former Head of Royal Protection Dai Davies said pair had raised ‘credible threat’
  • He said he thought ‘racism’ claims  in the doc could be jumped on by extremists 
  • Harry and Meghan’s Netflix documentary came out on Thursday morning at 8am

The former Met police commander who headed protection of the Royals says Meghan and Harry’s Netflix series has put the Royal family at risk from extremists.

Dai Davies said some of the couple’s allegations in the show would have raised the ‘credible threat’.

Mr Davies – a specialist in security and investigation – said the pair’s programme criticising their relatives on race grounds has caused the risk.

He said: ‘Because their narrative has been attached to race to the extent it has, you could have those at the extreme end of the ‘taking the knee’ variety having a go at members of the Royal family.

Harry and Meghan’s Netflix documentary came out on very early on Thursday morning at 8am

Former Head of Royal Protection Dai Davies said race claims in doc had raised ‘credible threat’

‘I really think it could create a small minority who might. I think it’s a credible threat.’

‘There’s a small minority that think Meghan walks on water.

‘I’ve always said there’s a greater risk from fixated individuals than from terrorists.’ he added in an interview with the Sunday Telegraph.    

Mr Davies is the former Head of Royal Protection and a former Divisional Commander in the Metropolitan Police Service.

King Charles and Queen Consort Camilla have found themselves egged in recent months

Meghan and Harry early in their relationship. The Duke of Sussex has said his wife being an American actress ‘clouded’ his family’s view of her.

He was appointed to be Operational Unit Commander in charge of Royal Protection for HM The Queen and the Royal Family back in 1995.

The senior officer was responsible for Palace and Personal Protection during his time in the role.

He cited the recent incidents where eggs had been thrown at King Charles as possible examples of how feelings towards the Royals had hardened.

Harry and Meghan’s series has received a mixed reaction after it was released on Thursday at 8am in the morning.

It featured the Duke revealing his family had asked why Meghan needed more protection than other principals.

He said they had not understood the ‘race element’ and had suffered a ‘huge level of unconscious bias’.

Meghan appears to perform a deeply exaggerated curtsey recounting what it was like when she first met the Queen, while her husband Harry watches on awkwardly

Tory MP Mark Jenkinson thought the bow was incredibly wrong and the pinnacle of disrespect

George R Franks, who is an associate professor at Stephen F Austin University in Texas and a former police officer, also raised concerns about the documentary.

He said: ‘I have been studying their increasingly tenacious attack on the character of the royals and the institution of the monarchy for the past several months with a growing concern for the safety of the members of the “working royals”, but also for the children of the Prince and Princess of Wales.

‘I have experience with cases where individuals have committed or attempted to commit violent crimes in support of the cause of another towards whom they have become enamoured and protective.

‘All we need is one individual becoming obsessed with creating a situation that would place Harry as the heir apparent, and we could have a disastrous outcome.’

Many parts of the couple’s documentary have prompted strong emotions on both sides of the argument.

Prince Harry was criticised on Friday for not stepping in to prevent his wife from performing an ostentatious curtsey – said to have ‘mocked the Queen’. 

Tory MP Mark Jenkinson was unable to keep silent on the rogue bow, which was part of the miniseries unleashed on the world yesterday morning.

Married father-of-four Mr Jenkinson, 40, appeared to suggest Harry should have somehow prevented or stuck up for the Queen after the curtsey took place.

He told his 12,800 Twitter followers: ‘The ultimate betrayal. And he just sits and watches.’ 

Princess Diana’s personal chef was also moved to criticise Meghan as the row over the act deepened.

Darren McGrady, who cooked for the late Queen, Diana, William and Harry for fifteen years, took exception to a number of points in the show.

And after the Duke of Sussex’s claim that his wife was like his beloved late mother, Mr McGrady declared: ‘Your wife will never be like or similar to your mother. I knew Princess Diana for 15 years. Not even close.’

Meghan and Harry’s representatives did not respond to requests to comment on Mr Davies’ claims. 

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