How US protected identity of diplomat who 'sexually assaulted woman'

EXCLUSIVE: Married US diplomat ‘forced a college graduate, 22, to perform oral sex ’ while at the Mexican Embassy – the same outpost where another staffer ‘raped and drugged 23 women’ – but the government protected his identity

  • The Treasury Attache was fired after the alleged assault on New Year’s Eve, 2014
  • A probe found he held the woman’s head down and made her perform a sex act 
  • Came after he made a midnight toast saying he was as ‘hard as Lenin’s statue’  
  • He was married at the time and admitted cheating on his wife while in Mexico 
  • In an interview with investigators, he insisted the encounter was consensual 
  • The attache’s name has been redacted from all documents his face obscured 
  • His case has resurfaced after Brian Jeffrey Raymond was arrested last month 
  • He is accused of drugging and raping 23 women while on the federal payroll 
  • Do you know the unidentified attache? Email [email protected] 

An American diplomat sexually assaulted a woman while working at the US embassy in Mexico City – the same outpost where a staffer allegedly raped dozens of women years later – but the government has kept his name a secret, Department of the Treasury documents obtained by show.

The married Treasury attache was fired in 2014 after an investigation found he forced the 22-year-old woman to perform oral sex at a New Year’s Eve party at his taxpayer-funded apartment – but his name has been redacted in all documents and his name has never been released, despite constant requests and the Biden administration’s pledge for more transparency. 

His case has resurfaced after Brian Jeffrey Raymond, another staffer at the Mexican embassy, was arrested for allegedly drugging and raping 23 women over ten years while on the federal payroll. 

A copy of a report obtained through a Freedom of Information request by shows the Treasury Department substantiated an allegation that the unidentified high-ranking official made the woman perform the sex act on him by holding her head down in the maid’s quarters.

The alleged attack occurred after he made a drunken toast to the party, saying he was ‘as hard as Lenin’s statue’.  

He has been banned from holding a job with the US Government for life, according to the documents, but is now believed to be working in the financial sector after his misconduct was kept under wraps. He insisted the encounter was ‘consensual’ and in an interview with investigators he said: ‘I got a lot of punishment for doing nothing’.

The attaché, who had a US government salary of up to $90,000 a year, also inserted his fingers into her vagina. During his midnight toast to guests at the party, just before the alleged attack took place, the American attaché supposedly said he was as ‘hard as Lenin’s statue’. 

An American diplomat sexually assaulted a woman while working at the US embassy in Mexico City – the same outpost where a staffer allegedly raped dozens of women years later – but the government has kept his name a secret. His face is redacted in a picture taken during his interview with investigators over allegations he made the woman perform oral sex at a New Year’s Eve Party in 2014

Raymond, 44, was arrested last October in San Diego on one count of coercion and enticement. He is also facing two additional charges of sexual abuse at his government-leased apartment in the Polanco neighborhood of Mexico City. He also insisted his acts were consensual. 

It’s not known whether it is the same property where the unnamed Treasury Attache assaulted the woman, who has also not been named.

An unsealed FBI affidavit details how Raymond lured one California woman to the country for their second date. She had already ‘blacked out’ during their first date in February 2018 in the US, prosecutors allege.

In November of that year she visited Raymond again where she said she passed out again; the FBI say 77 disturbing images of the two of them were found on his devices.

In them Raymond is alleged to be holding up her eyelids and pulling down her underwear. The woman said she ‘was unaware of the existence of any photographs and videos and did not consent to them being taken,’ the affidavit states.

Investigators found more than 400 photos and videos on Raymond’s iCloud account in which he appears to be filming unconscious women, many of whom he met on dating apps, according to court documents.

Raymond has worked for the U.S. government for 23 years in numerous countries, according to court documents. Prosecutors did not specify what position he held in Mexico other than to say he was working for a U.S. government agency at the embassy.

The Treasury, State and Justice Department declined to comment on the attache’s case when asked why he hasn’t been named. Justice could not comment on Raymond’s case as the investigation is still pending and he is awaiting trial.

Biden’s presidential campaign platform, released in 2020 while he was still running for president, expressed enthusiasm for political transparency.

‘The next president must demonstrate with their actions — not empty words — that public servants serve all Americans, not themselves or narrow special interests,” Biden’s platform reads. “We also must strengthen our laws to ensure that no future president can ever again use the office for personal gain. The federal government’s power must be used to better the country, and not in service of narrow, private interests.’

The attache’s alleged victim, who was on vacation and visiting a relative at the embassy, told investigators she was too scared to resist his advances and couldn’t pull away as he was holding her head.

She waited until he stopped, thinking he would then leave her alone, the investigation states.

The attache’s case has resurfaced after Brian Jeffrey Raymond (above), another staffer at the Mexican embassy, was arrested for allegedly drugging and raping 23 women over ten years while on the federal payroll

The Treasury Department’s Office of the Inspector General stated in their investigation that the attaché was likely ‘too drunk’ to notice the woman was trying to reject his advances. obtained a transcript and a redacted photo of the attache from his interview with Treasury Department special agents after he was removed from Mexico, through a Freedom of Information Act request.

During the interview, the attaché admitted there was sexual contact between him and the victim. He also admitted cheating on his wife, rejected claims from people at the party that he was ‘drunker than they’d ever seen him before’ and insists that at no point the victim pulled away or gave any indication she was being coerced into performing the sex act on him.

The official also denied that he said he was ‘as hard as Lenin’s statue’ during his midnight toast and rejected the victim’s allegations that she was too scared to resist his advances and she couldn’t get away as he was forcing her head down.

He told the agents their encounter was consensual and she ‘never said stop’. In a bid to make sure no one who knew his wife saw him, he said in the interview he moved into a quieter part of the apartment.

Initially, after the woman made the allegations, the unnamed official considered filing a ‘libel or slander’ case against the girl because of her allegations. But he told investigators didn’t want to pursue legal action. He did, however, reveal that he believed his career was ruined as a result of the accusations.

‘The punishment is already done… This (case) has been a career ender with the U.S. government. It cost me another job,’ he told the interviewers.

Raymond, 44, was arrested last October in San Diego on one count of coercion and enticement. He is also facing two additional charges of sexual abuse at his government-leased apartment in the Polanco neighborhood of Mexico City. He also insisted his acts were consensual

‘I’m really worried now that I can’t actually apply to any jobs based on my profession because people at banks can just call back to Treasury and be like “hey, we got this great resume. What do you know”.’

‘So like my past couple of weeks (after the alleged attack) have been figuring out like I have to go back to school.

‘At no point during this four or five, six minutes did she say like hey, calm down, or like whoa, you’re hurting me or I don’t want to do this.’

The attache reiterated that he rejected the allegations made against him, and revealed that his outlook for working for the US government ever again looked bleak.

‘I was never pushed away, I was never – like there wasn’t even like a hint. Like a slight hint of like I’m not comfortable here, ‘ he added.

‘I may be done. Like I may never be able to serve in the U.S. government again.

‘I may never be able to work for financial industry again because of this. It’s over right. Like I got a lot of punishment for doing nothing.’

Despite his denials and protests, the senior diplomat was removed from his overseas post and left the Treasury Department before he could be fired for his conduct. The probe, that was run by former OIG head Eric Thorson at the time, concluded he ‘likely’ did commit the sexual assault, but he was too drunk to notice her rejecting his advances. can also confirm, through a number of sources that he is now working for a high-flying financial firm and has recently had a child with his wife.

He told investigators he had lost one job at a bank as a result of the allegations, but was offered a lucrative position a short time later. It is unclear where he is currently employed.

At the start of the interview he told the special agents, who have not been named, that at his New Year’s Eve party in 2014 he had been flirting with the woman throughout the night.

He also admitted to the agents that the woman did not know he was married, but other people at the party did.

The interviewers asked the staffer to recount how he remembers the evening and pressed him for the details.

They asked him what happened when he first met the ‘girl in question’ and what led to their tryst in the bathroom.

The married Treasury Department attache was fired from the US Embassy in Mexico City (above) in 2014 after an investigation found he forced the 22-year-old woman to perform oral sex at a New Year’s Eve party at his taxpayer-funded apartment – but his name has been redacted in all documents and his name has never been released, despite constant requests and the Biden administration’s pledge for more transparency

He said: ‘I spoke to her about the fact that she had graduated from college and that she had a job lined up for her at a gym or a swim school, or something like that. That she liked dogs a lot.

‘We had spent the entire night being quite flirtatious with each other,’ he added.

‘She tried tried to kiss me on the lips. Then I just sort of turned my face away to the cheek so that she – there were tons of times that we talked about going to the gym and working out and she on several occasions (she) put her hand in my shirt to say things like wow, you really work out, or something like that right.

‘She wanted to go find a pool, or go to the gym with me, things like that. We had talked about getting together the week after (the party).

‘Or even the couple of days after the party. So yes, it was quite a bit of flirting.

He told the agents that at one point a college friend noticed how he was interacting with the woman and spoke to him.

The diplomat said his friend accused him of being ‘a little flirtatious’, and urged him ‘to tone it down a little bit.’

At midnight, he said the woman tried to kiss him, but he turned his head away because they were in a crowded room and he didn’t want anyone else to see, according to the transcript.

They were being friendly throughout the evening until they decided to move to what was known as the ‘maid’s quarters’ of his apartment, he said.

He told investigators the area is ‘basically a storage closet and a bathroom connected to it.’

‘It would have been completely out of sight of everyone. (We) made out there. I touched her, she touched me. And then we made our way into the bathroom.’

‘We made out and she put her hands on you know, everywhere on my body’.

He said he then ‘fingered’ her.

‘She sat on the bathroom. Took my pants off, performed oral sex. And after I finished, she left first and then I followed after her.’

One of the special agents asks whether he heard the woman ‘crying or gasping for air’ when they were in the bathroom.

‘No. No, absolutely not,’ he responded.

‘Did she ever say stop?

‘No. (she) Never moved my hands away, never pulled away, never tried to stand up.

‘Never said stop, never yelled, never – she did nothing like that.’

When he left the bathroom he said a friend came up to him and told him she had ‘suspicions’ about what had just happened.

He told investigators that he said to her: ‘This makes me sound like a real scumbag.’

Then he insisted to the friend that nothing happened.

He told the agents: ‘One of the reasons it’s kind of been stressful is I sort of thought to myself like did I actually do something wrong?

It wasn’t until later that in January 2014 that he was being investigated for his actions.

‘I was out with some folks that were visiting from the Treasury,’ he said in the interview

‘We had a long day of work and then we went to dinner and then to a few bars. And she (the victim) emailed me at midnight.

He described it as a ‘very like flirtatious email’ that ‘said something like “you never called me back to go to the gym. Were you afraid I’d like kick you butt” or something like that.’

She then called him.

‘This phone call like now that I’ve done like a little bit of like research on line like was like clearly like a call set up by the diplomatic security agents, ‘ he said.

‘I have absolutely no doubt about that. So I’m sure everything that they told her to write was fabricated in this email.

‘But at least from the vantage point of where I stood was, it was a super flirtatious email. She said she was out with some friends and that if she wanted to get together.’

He asked to meet up with her later that night, but she said it would be better to talk on the phone.

‘She called around 2:45 or maybe 3:00 am. Said she was out at a club with some friends visiting from the States. And then she basically said like “Oh, you really hurt me that night that we hooked up. And I didn’t realize that you were married.”

‘All I wanted to do was get off the phone with her, so I apologized a few times. And then that was it. And so that was the only other contact I had with her.’

He said that the background on the call was completely silent, even though she claimed she was at a club.

Her constant demand for an apology also made him concerned that it was a set up by investigators.

Then he told her ‘don’t talk to people about that. Don’t tell people that we hooked up. It’s no one else’s business.’

Trying to quickly end the conversation, the diplomat then apologized to her.

‘I was just like look I’m sorry if I hurt you. I can’t remember the exact words that I used.

The special agents kept probing about the attache’s marriage and how the allegations had impacted their relationship.

He said: ‘One of the things that makes me like most uncomfortable in this questioning is the way that I handle my sexual relationship with my (wife) and like how we deal with like having contact outside of our marriage is like very private to us.’

After the call the fallout from the investigation began. The Treasury staffer told investigators a bank rescinded their offer after a ‘guy’ ‘leaked’ details of his case.

He said: ‘At the beginning of this, I had no idea what the charges even were, I had no idea how serious it was.

‘I didn’t know I was leaving the country, I didn’t know there was going to be a criminal prosecution.’

Diplomatic Security Agents then flew to the country where he was working, and asked him for a guest list to the party to help with their investigation.

A short time after that he was forced to leave Mexico, Treasury officials determined that he sexually assaulted the woman, but by then he had already left the government.

It is not known whether or how the Treasury punished the attaché.

Jack Lew was Treasury Secretary at the time of the investigation. He was appointed by President Obama. have tried to contact him for a comment on the story, but he has not yet responded.

The woman told department investigators that a few hours after the attack she texted a friend describing what had happened.

On January 3, 2014, she told her brother about the alleged attack. He then reported to his supervisor and sparked a series of interviews.

On January 6, 2014, she had a medical examination, but doctors found no bruises, scratch marks, lacerations, bite marks of any other signs of trauma.

DSS Special Agents subsequently conducted interviews with the complainant, the attaché, 14 people who went to the party, and the medical professionals who examined the woman.

Eight people at the party said they didn’t notice any unusual contact between with the woman and the attaché, but six said the attaché was they were either ‘drunk’ or ‘very drunk’.

The Treasury Department confirmed to that the attaché no longer works with them, and left after the investigation into his conduct concluded.

The attaché joined the Treasury in 2009. He was promoted to salary bracket GS-13 – meaning he earned between $74,584 and $96,958, in December, 2012.

Only officials employed to a rank of GS-14 and GS-15 earn higher salaries as civil servants.

Before he started his work at the embassy he worked for the Office of Terrorism and Financial Intelligence.Their aim is to monitor any international economic developments that would be benefit the US.

There are approximately 18 financial Attaché stationed in major financial capitals and high-risk jurisdictions around the world.

In Afghanistan and Iraq, they are focused on restructuring efforts after the war and the collapse of their governments.

It is the same agency that is part of the investigation into Maria Butina, the gun rights activist arrested in the US accused of acting as a foreign agent on behalf of Russia.

In January 2013, while Jack Lew was Treasury Secretary, he was transferred from the Office of Terrorism and Financial Intelligence and named a Financial Attaché.

In December, 2017, it was revealed that The Treasury Department paid $174,000 over five years to settle sexual harassment cases, many involving members of Congress.

It is not known if officials in the Treasury paid anything to settle sexual harassment claims involving its own staff.

This isn’t the first time a government department has protected the identity of a high-ranking overseas official accused of misconduct while stationed abroad.

In January 2016, uncovered that a US consulate employee had a child taken from his care because officials feared the minor was in danger following systematic abuse and neglect.

A document exposed how the International Trade Administration staff member allegedly subjected the minor to shocking care while working abroad and living in a house owned by the government

An investigation found the child was routinely underfed and encouraged to take their clothes off in the consulate residence so the man could allegedly take pictures of them naked.

At the time the unidentified employee also allegedly harassed female colleagues during his posting and used a government email address to meet women online.

Daily Mail Online obtained the damning document after submitting a Freedom of Information request to the Department of Commerce’s Office of the Inspector General.

The report revealed the employee had shared custody of the child.

According to the report, he would routinely forget to pick up the child from other consulate employees’ houses, left the minor at home alone and would only give them one apple to take for their school lunch.

He also, according to the document, took baths with the child, encouraging them to take their clothes off and would then take pictures of them while they were in a bath.

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