I was so sick of loiterers lowering houses prices in my area that I took revenge – it’s controversial but I stand by it | The Sun

A MAN who said he was so sick of loiterers lowering the house prices in his area felt he had no choice but to take revenge.

The homeowner, who lives in a block of flats in Suffolk, claimed he had reached his wit's end when groups of people kept congregating below his property.

The cat-lover had finally had enough in summer when a man and a woman met up on what the man claims is private property.

The gathering pushed him over the edge and saw him take action.

He decided the best way to stop the constant meet-ups was to pour water from his balcony a few floors up.

Pretending he was watering his plants, the man chucked the liquid onto the people he accused of taking part in anti-social behaviour.

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Recording the antics and posting it to TikTok, he said: "I am sick and tired of anti-social behaviour where I live.

"But I've found a way of dealing with it, a way of tackling it, which is completely humane.

"I'm just watering my plants and… oops, oh dear some of the water has spilt out over.

"Oh dear what a shame. And here we go.

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"Find somewhere else to loiter."

The woman who had the liquid poured onto her, argued that she was allowed to be there because it was a "public place".

The fuming resident fought back: "It's not actually, it's private property and you're lowering the tone.

"You're [also] lowering house prices by being here."

The man, who was also at the bottom of the building getting soaked, shouted: "Shut up you bald pr***.

"Come down here and throw that water on me down here."

Furious, the man then threw a bottle into the air in what appears to be an attempt to reach the man's balcony – while he just laughed on.

Gaining attention on the social media site, hundreds of people flocked to the comments.

One user said: "This was heavily entertaining," while another added: "This is hilarious."

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A third praised the man, adding: "Good on you."

And a fourth wrote: "I relate to this post so hard!!"

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