I'm a vet – here's why YOUR dog is staring at you

I’m a vet – here’s why YOUR dog is staring at you

  • Do they want your dinner or do they really love you? 
  • @the.frenchie.vet lets you know why your dog is giving you that intense glare

Whether you are walking along the beach with them on a sunny day, or they are chasing their tail in a circle for hours – it really is a wonder what is on our pooches’ minds half of the time.

In the UK, we are a nation of dog lovers, with 29% of adults owning a pet dog according to PDSA – that’s a whopping 11 million pet dogs.

But even though, dog is man’s best friend but sometimes it’s hard to know what is on our furry friends’ minds – especially when they are intensely glaring at you.

Luckily for us vet, Christine Colamonico, has shared insider knowledge on her TikTok channel – @the.frenchie.vet – of why your dog is giving you that stare.

And it may be useful knowledge to have. After all you don’t want to end up like the owners who forked out thousands on vet bills to be told their pets were being dramatic. 

Christine Colamonico (pictured), also known as @the.frenchie.vet has shared the two reasons why your favourite pooch is staring at you

She told her TikTok following that it may be because your dog wants something from you, for instance they may want ‘a piece of cookie’ or their ‘favourite treat’

 1. Your pooch wants something from you

A day probably does not pass for most dog owners where they aren’t sharing their packet of Wotsits or half a sausage roll with their dog.

Dogs are often times obsessed with food and once you give them a piece of the pie, it is difficult to stop – cue the *puppy dog sad eyes*. 

And if your furry friend is glaring at you, it is likely that they really want something from you.

Sometimes they may be looking at you because they want to go on a walk, but it is also likely to be because they want a sneaky piece of your treat, according to Christine. 

The Vet who is committed to helping dogs with arthritis told her following: ‘For example, she may want a piece of cookie or she may want her favourite treat’

 2. They are trying to understand what you want

What an easier world it would be, if our animals could talk and we could know exactly what they wanted.

But alas we can’t and it’s probably just as difficult for them to understand what we want to – and with that comes the second reason why your pooch is sheepishly looking at you.

Christine joked: ‘She may be wondering why are you looking at her or what are you saying to her.’ 

3. They love you!

There are many reasons why your dog, perhaps similar to the one pictured in this stock image, is staring at you. But the most important is that they love you 

Whether its looking to you for guidance or they are confused, there are many reasons why your dog may be staring at you, beyond what Christine’s has already mentioned in her wise advice.

One important reason is, a lot of the time, they are making eye contact with you because they love you, according to The Kennel Club. 

A dog’s loving glare is said to a release oxytocin, also known as a ‘feel good hormone’, for both you and your furry friend.

This hormone makes owner and pooch feel at ease and a sense of happiness. It also helps them sustain the loving bond that truly solidifies dogs as human’s best pal.

So if your furry friend catches your gaze from the end of the sofa, they may be trying to express how deeply they love you – or that they want some of your bangers and mash dinner.

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