Inside Britain's most notorious gang headquarters – is there a secret underworld crime hub on your street? | The Sun

BRITAIN'S secret network of gang headquarters are spread across the country – from bullet proof mansions to council estates.

But behind the reinforced doors of these crime hubs lie a world of panic rooms, gun stores and extraordinary luxury.

Nestled on streets up and down the country, you may be just a stones throw from some of Britain's most ruthless mobsters and their homes – but not even know it.

Here, The Sun Online tracks down the mafia mansions of current and former crime bosses.

David Hunt – Bishops Stortford, Hertfordshire

Living in a vast seven-bed mansion straddling the Hertfordshire-Essex border lives David Hunt.

The crime lord's alleged links to murder, drug trafficking, arms smuggling and money laundering have made him one of the most feared gangsters in the UK.

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Known as 'Long Fella' for his six foot five stature, his links to bent cops have derailed over thirty investigations into his criminal enterprises.

It is believed he lives at The Morleys, nestled in leafy Woodside Green, near Bishop's Stortford, Hertfordshire.

Hellbanianz – Barking, London

High up in tower blocks on the Gascoigne estate in Barking, armed Albanian gangsters are on the verge of taking over the UK's £5 Billion cocaine trade.

Boasting fleets of Rolls Royces and Betleys, the Hellbanianz are street dealers and enforcers of the Mafia Shqiptare.

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The mobsters – who release their own drill music where they gloat of owning AK-47s – chose high rises because they are easy to defend.

Raking in millions in profits, the Balkan mobsters also carry out armed robberies across the capital and are understood to meet up near the Kings Lounge pub.

Terry Adams – Bloomsbury, London

The Clerkenwell Crime Syndicate, one of the most powerful in Britain and lead by the Adams Family, is thought to be more brutal than the Krays.

Headed up by Terry Adams, the £200 million family were at their height in the 80s and 90s through their influence in murder, extortion, robbery and drug trafficking.

One of their victims, a former hitman who would use a Samurai sword to kill the family's enemies, is rumoured to be buried in concrete under the Millennium Dome.

The 64-year-old, jailed for seven years in 2007 following a £10 million cop investigation, is connected with 25 gangland murders.

He lived in a £1.6 million sex-bedroom, 4,600ft mansion 'Fallowfield', Barnet for a number of years.

But as the authorities closed in, his fortune collapsed and he wound up in a one bed council flat in Bloomsbury, London, with his missus.

Thomas Kavanagh – Oak Hill, Staffordshire

As the billionaire Kinahan drug cartel's "main man in the UK", Thomas "Bomber" Kavanagh considered himself untouchable.

He operated from a gated Staffordshire mansion complete with bullet-proof windows and reinforced doors in the posh Oak Hill area of Tamworth.

Through criminal connections overseas, he organised, imported and distributed drugs worth millions of pounds for the Irish cartel.

When agents from the National Crime Agency raided his fortress on Sutton Road in 2019 they discovered revolvers, stun guns, Samurai swords and drugs.

Kavanagh, 55, was jailed in 2022 for 21-years for smuggling £30 million worth of Cocaine and Cannabis into Britain in a tarmac removal machine.

Timothy Eastgate and Paul Flisher – East Anglia

Cocaine gangsters Timothy Eastgate and Paul Flisher lived a "James Bond" criminal lifestyle in East Anglia.

Their gang transported millions of pounds worth of Class A drugs from bases in Essex to users in Plymouth, Devon.

Eastgate purchased sprawling headquarters Sutton Farm, near Wymondham, Norfolk, while Flisher snapped up the Old Bakery in Chingford, Essex.

The pair splashed cash on Ferraris and Lamborghinis, homes in Bulgaria and Dubai and a 007-inspired boat called "Shaken, Not Stirred".

When cops raided Sutton Farm, they found a handgun in the freezer.

Eastgate and Flisher were caged in 2011 for 23 and 21 years respectively.

Liam Byrne – Dublin and West Midlands

A senior affiliate in the Kinahan crime family, Liam Byrne ran operations from lavish addresses in Birmingham and Ireland.

A £860,000 semi in Crumlin, Dublin, boasted a panic room, fortified walls and a jacuzzi, gym and game rooms.

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But the Raleigh Gardens address was raided in 2019 by Ireland's Criminal Assets Bureau (CAB) and later sold.

Byrne, whose brother David was shot dead in 2016, is also thought to have a property near Birmingham, West Midlands.

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