Inside twisted TikTok of selfie-obsessed killer mum who used daughter, 3, as a prop & flaunts body at camera

THESE are the twisted TikTok videos of a killer mum who flaunted her body and used her daughter as a prop just weeks before cruelly beating her to death.

Selfie-obsessed Nicola Priest, 23, was jailed for 15 years for manslaughter after little Kaylee-Jayde Priest was found dead with chest and abdominal injuries last August.

The mum and her lover, Callum Redfern, killed her daughter after she interrupted them as they had sex, a court heard.

Priest was also handed a concurrent sentence of three years for a child cruelty charge.

In the months before the three-year-old's tragic death, the tot was used as a prop in multiple haunting videos alongside her mum.

One chilling clip shows Priest holding up both of her daughter's arms and moving her around the room like a puppet – forcing the tot to dance to music.

The child's body rocks back and forth at her mum's command as she squeezed out a smile for the camera.

In another disturbing TikTok, posted just one month before Kaylee-Jayde's death, Priest grabs her daughter's head and bops it left and right – before the tot tries to mimic her mum and follow her lead.

The tragic video then shows the poor child nodding her head by her mum's direction while Priest dances in the background wearing a pair of shorts.

And in a clip posted in January 2020, a pregnant Priest can be seen lifting up her doting daughter, who smiles back at her, as she is shaken back and forth.

What may have once been seen as an affectionate clip now has a sinister overtone – after the vulnerable tot died at the hands of Priests' severe beatings and ferocious assaults.

Just one day before her "happy" child was beaten to death in her own home, 23-year-old Priest flaunts her body while dancing in shorts and a crop top on the app.

And in another sick TikTok video, posted just over a month after killing little Kaylee-Jayde, the mum hangs her head in shame and seems to wipe tears from her eyes.

The wicked killer then mouths the words to the song playing in the background: "I'm sorry mum and dad.

"I know I messed up bad.

"I should've done, should've done better."

The twisted tribute to her daughter shows Priest stare emotionally into the distance – seemingly trying to appear apologetic for beating her first-born child to death.

Jailing Priest at Birmingham Crown Court last week, the sentencing judge described how Kaylee's injuries had been inflicted in a "ferocious" assault.

Experts likened her wounds to those of a child hit by a car at 40mph, or from falling three floors on to a concrete floor.


Mr Justice Foxton QC said: "Kaylee was put to bed some time around 7pm, while the two of you went to have sex in Nicola Priest's bedroom.

"But like many children her age, Kaylee did not want to go to bed, but to stay up and play."

He said there was no direct evidence as to what happened next, but that Kaylee subsequently vomited repeatedly, later dying of her injuries overnight.

The judge said: "The vomiting was the result of the severe beating you were both responsible for inflicting on her.

"No doubt irritated by Kaylee crying, asking to be let out, it interrupted the two of you when you wanted to have sex.

"You lost your tempers and were parties to the assault which cost Kaylee her life.

"A prompt call for medical assistance by one or the other of you would have saved Kaylee's life."

Speaking to The Sun, Redfern's dad Andrew Redfern, has since branded Priest an "evil mother", claiming she would neglect her child in times of need.

Mr Redfern, 42, said: "Nikki is an evil mother – she doesn't deserve kids.


"She was stood outside this house smoking and Kaylee's nappy needed changing.

"She said 'you can just stay in it' – that was her attitude.

"She wouldn't come in the house to take her to the toilet."

Haunting CCTV footage showed the mum from Edgbaston, Birmingham, with her daughter Kaylee-Jayde just hours before the tot was found dead at their flat on August 9 last year.

Last week, a jury convicted Priest of manslaughter after hearing she dialled 999 – but Kaylee had been "dead before the call was made".

The tot, described in court as a "happy child", died from serious chest and abdominal injuries.

She also suffered historical injuries – including broken ribs, lower leg fractures, and a broken sternum, Birmingham Crown Court heard.

Priest and Callum Redfern blamed each other during their trial, but were at the time in a "close sexual relationship".

Jurors heard how Priest would hit Kaylee around the head and refer to her as a "f***ing brat", while the little girl was also heard crying "in a fearful tone".

On one occasion, neighbours in a flat below at Kingshurst House, Solihull, heard a bang above and then Kaylee crying, before allegedly hearing Priest say: "I'll just say she fell off the bed."

The same residents claimed they noticed that "when Kaylee cried, the response appeared to be to drown out her crying with music".


In a text message exchange on July 24 2020, days before Kaylee's death, Priest told Redfern: "I'm gonna kill her… because she keeps leaving the living room or going in the kitchen, so I've paled (hit) her one and smacked her for sh**ting in her nappy."

Redfern said: "Good – give her one from me."

Priest replied: "I will, babe."

Three days later, Redfern messaged Priest saying: "I'm going to keep the little brat away from me… sick of your spunking daughter."

In CCTV played to court, Kaylee-Jayde and her mum were seen together, just hours before the youngster's fatal collapse, using a lift at the block of flats where they lived.

The footage showed no physical contact between the pair, with Priest neglecting even to reach out to hold her daughter's hand.

Priest was also found guilty of cruelty to a child, relating to the youngster's historical injuries, but Redfern was cleared of that charge.

In a statement released through police after the verdicts, Kaylee's gran Debbie Windmill said the impact of her death would live with her for the rest of her life.

She said: "I could never stop staring at the smile on her beautiful face.

"I loved every moment watching her develop to nearly school age; preparing to buy my first grandchild her pre-school uniform was something that filled me with such happiness.

"I couldn't wait to see her in it, but this opportunity was stolen from me in the most brutal of ways.

"Everybody deserves the gift of life. Kaylee-Jayde deserved to show the world who she could have been and what greatness she could have brought to this world.

"Nanny will forever hold you in her heart."

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