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THIS is the 'toughest' UK seaside town where ice cream vans, pubs and fish and chip shops were banned by the council.

Brits visiting Frinton-on-Sea, Essex, couldn't enjoy fish and chips along the beach for a long time.

Residents from the picturesque seaside town were once proud to live boozers and chip shops-free.

Strict Tendring District Council banned the establishments after a strong backlash from locals in the past.

The quiet Frinton community wanted to keep free from traditional seaside attractions because they thought it would help them attract more visitors.

Hard-fought neighbours voiced their opposition when the first pub, The Lock and Barrel, opened its doors two decades ago.

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At the time one local fumed: "When you open a place with a lot of cheap beer on sale, what sort of people do you expect to attract?"

Councillor Nick Turner said the community wasn't ready to let their famous trademark of tranquil summer spot let go.

Cllr Turner told Essex Live: "It wasn't the fact that people didn't want to drink alcohol, but not having a pub was our unique selling point and was part of our character.

"Because we hadn't got one, that was one of the things that made Frinton individual.

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"People come to Frinton because they like it. It's not a place to go through, it's a place to go to."

They claimed to still enjoy their days in the unique town despite not having a place to drink.

He added: "There wasn't a lack of drinking places. We have three sporting clubs, golf, cricket and tennis, and a wonderful memorial club.

"There was no reason to have a pub in fact, just for somebody to make some money."

Residents didn't miss on fish and chips by the sea either – because they didn't have one to begin with.

Raging residents rebelled against Nice Fish and Chips – which was set to open for the first time in 1992.

According to Cllr Turner, those craving a chippy could drive less than a mile away to neighbouring Walton to eat.

But the days of fighting chippies and pubs now seem to be long gone.

The people of Frinton seem to have changed their minds and admitted the shops are a huge part of their seaside town.

Mr Turner said: "We integrate people in to Frinton. In other places when there's something they don't like, they boycott it.

"We don't do that, we sigh and think 'let's get on with it."

The ban has now resulted in failure as now chippy owners even have their own dedicated bench commemorating their arrival.

Guy Hynds has worked at Youngs Other Plaice on Old Road in Frinton for two years.

The 22-year-old claimed locals are now loving the traditional seaside town lifestyle – and they come back for more.

Guy said: "Frinton are really on board. If people don't like it they won't give us business, but we have quite a high local following.

"The local community is really nice, you end up knowing customers by name and getting their orders ready when they come in."

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