IRS sending 'surprise' stimulus checks worth $1.8BILLION to nearly 1million Americans

SURPRISE stimulus checks are being dispatched to nearly one million Americans.

The IRS has sent out nine batches of the Covid relief payment with the tax agency sending more than $1.8 billion to hard-hit households. 

All of the recipients will have recently filed their taxes, the IRS says. 

Those who submitted your return over the last few weeks, there are two ways you may receive a dose of relief.

More than half a million of the latest payments, totaling more than $1 billion, are going to those who didn't receive a third stimulus check earlier, because the IRS didn’t know how to reach them with cash, the agency said.

This is because it may not have had up-to-date address or banking information and could not put a direct deposit in or were unable to send a paper check or a debit card.

If taxes are done by the May 17 deadline, and the agency will have the information it needs to get you your missing money.

This applies even if you didn’t earn enough in 2020 to warrant filing a tax return. 

There are also more than 460,000 of the new payments plus another $800 million in stimulus which are essentially bonus stimulus checks.

These are for people who already have received money in the third round, but not the whole $1,400 because it was based on their 2019 tax returns, which did not qualify them for a full payment.

The efforts to buoy a large amount of the American population comes as Biden is also trying to get both of his $3trillion worth of relief packages through a Democratic majority Congress.

He has proposed the American Jobs Plan, which would modernize American infrastructure, bring forth more affordable housing, and build the capacity for high-speed broadband in rural areas.

The American Families Plan includes cementing child tax credits, allocating more federal dollars to fund education and childcare, and ensure paid family and medical leave.


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