Kamala Harris has REFUSED to take questions on border crisis for 31 days since Biden put her in charge of problem

KAMALA Harris has now REFUSED to take questions on America’s border crisis for 31 days since Joe Biden put her in charge of the problem.

Instead, the vice president flew to New England on Friday to plug her boss’s $2.3trillion infrastructure plan.

“We all have to participate in making sure everyone has the basic services that are necessary to raise their families, participate in society and be productive and economically strong,” Harris said after touching down at Laconia Municipal Airport.

But, she has been slammed for "failing to address reporters’ questions on the crisis at the US-Mexico border," reports Fox News.

Her visit sparked fury from Republicans on social media, with ex White House chief of staff, Mark Meadows, accusing Biden being responsible for the 'surge' of migrants.

And Ronna McDaniel, Republican National Committee chairwoman, yesterday blasted on Twitter: "It’s been 30 DAYS since Harris was named border crisis manager.

"As Harris laughs about not visiting the border [there have been] 172,331 apprehensions in March; the most unaccompanied children encountered on record; 1,000 migrants escaping into the US every day."

Conservative media commentator Michael Graham taunted her in the NH Journal, writing:"Harris’s visit on Friday had all the hallmarks over her first 100 days as vice president: Completely controlled, no press questions, and not a single memorable phrase or inspiring idea."

Graham added that "the biggest question of all" was "what the heck was she doing in New Hampshire, anyway?

"The White House’s decision to send Kamala to the Canadian border before she visited the one with Mexico is a faux pas that should be placed at the feet of Biden’s staff.

"It opened Harris and the administration up to the 'Wrong Border, Kamala!' message the GOP had waiting for her when she landed in Laconia.

"Harris hid from the press. No questions. No availability."

Her avoidance of the border issue comes amid a shocking report from Unicef, which reports a sharp rise in migrant children in Mexico.

Children comprise at least 30 per cent of migrants in Mexican shelters, who come from Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador and the country itself.

Half have travelled without their parents, which is among the highest proportions ever recorded in Mexico.

The agency estimates that an average of 275 additional migrant children find themselves in Mexico every day after being detected by the authorities, waiting to cross into the US, or being returned. 

Jean Gough, UNICEF's regional director for Latin America and the Caribbean, said on April 20: “I was heartbroken to see the suffering of so many young children, including babies, at the Mexican border with the US.

“Most of the shelter facilities I visited in Mexico are already overcrowded and cannot accommodate the increasing number of children and families migrating northward.

"We are deeply concerned that living conditions for migrant children and mothers in Mexico could soon deteriorate further.”

Unicef said: "The journey from their homelands towards the US – often on the run from violence and destitution – is perilous, and can last up to two months, amid extremely harsh conditions.

"Unicef has collected harrowing testimonies of sexual abuse, extortion, kidnapping and human trafficking, among other violations.

"Some migrant women tearfully told Unicef they were deprived of food, had their belongings confiscated, or slept on the floor, covering their children with their own bodies to keep them warm at night."

Ms Gough said: "These children and their parents who are now in Mexico escaped gang criminality, domestic violence, poverty, devastating hurricanes, and job loss due to the pandemic in their countries of origin.

"So why would they return? Often, there is nothing they could go back to.”

Texas, Arizona and Missouri are suing the Biden administration for allowing alleged "criminals and human traffickers" into the US as the migrant border crisis continues, reports say.

The Sun Online reported in early April how Biden had defended Harris' inaction during the border crisis, praising her for “never failing to speak the truth”.

In March Harris was named as the US President's "point person" to address the ongoing catastrophe at the border.

But Harris continues to come under fire for failing to visit the US-Mexico boundary or even hold a press conference about her new duties since being tasked with tackling the migrant crisis.

The scandal even prompted Harris to be dubbed "missing" on a milk carton by a Republican leader as she continues to avoid visiting the southern border.

Congressman Steve Scalise brought a milk carton with Harris’ face on it and the words “Missing at the Border” to a House Republican press conference in reference to her not yet visiting the border despite the migrant surge.

And a few days ago ex President Donald Trump weighed in, by warning that the "horrible situation" on the Mexico border could "destroy" America while blasting Biden over the migrant surge.

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