Katie Price facing jail after pleading guilty to drink-drive crash and driving BMW while banned

KATIE Price has today pleaded guilty to drink driving and driving while disqualified after dramatically rolling her BMW.

The star could be facing a prison sentence, and was rushed to hospital after her horror smash in Horsham, West Sussex, early yesterday morning.

She appeared at Crawley Magistrates court wearing a pink jumper and had her blonde hair loose around her face.

Price pleaded guilty to one count of drink driving, one count of driving without insurance and one count of driving while disqualified.  

The court heard that Price was left “trapped” in her BMW before a witness helped her out and waited for emergency service to arrive.

After being confronted by police at the scene, Price was heard saying "I took drugs, I should not be driving, I admit it all".

Prosecutor Debbie Jones told the court that a drugs wipe gave a positive reading for cocaine, and had been drinking.

However a charge of driving while unfit through drugs was withdrawn by the court.

Crawley Magistrates Court heard that all of her children were with their respective fathers at the time of the incident.

She made no comment when taken to the station, but explained that she was “lonely” and wanted to visit a friend who was close by.

Defence solicitor Joe Harrington said: "She has had a lot of personal problems recently.
"Currently she is in the process of bankruptcy proceedings, so her house may be repossessed.
"So, quite a lot going on in this lady's life, a really difficult period."

He added that it was a “one-off incident” and that she overcorrected her driving which is what caused her to crash.

Mr Harrington asked magistrates to defer the sentencing for a later date.

Emergency services rushed to the scene at around 6.30am yesterday and arrested the 43-year-old reality star for alleged drink and drug-driving.

Price, who is banned from driving, rolled her 4×4 BMW down a country lane near her home and was described as being “in a bad way” by sources close to her.

They also claimed that Katie went on a booze and cocaine bender at home in the hours leading up to the crash.

Sussex Police charged the mum-of-five with drink driving,driving without insurance and driving while disqualified.

Her crash came just hours after she spoke about her difficulty visiting son Harvey because she couldn't get behind the wheel.

Speaking on GMB she explained: "Obviously I don't get my licence back until December, so I can't just whizz in the car down there and it's not close."

Katie expected to get her driving licence back in April, but was banned for a further six months following an admin bungle.

She served an 18-month disqualification after withholding the identity of the driver of her pink Range Rover during a crash in Bexley.

In the last ten years she has been banned from driving a total of six times.


Sources close to the former model have said that she has been through a “difficult” time in the past few months.

They told The Sun: “Katie has been through an awful lot lately – relationship problems, money troubles, and she’s been very open about her own health problems – plus her mum has been very unwell.

“On top of that she’s a devoted mum, so a lot of us who know her are just very worried for her own safety and wellbeing too.

“Lots of people love and care about her, and it’s difficult to see her struggling – hopefully this will all pass and she will be able to move forwards with her life.

“Once things have calmed down hopefully she will have time to be with the people she loves and work out where things stand – she has an awful lot on her plate.”

A source added: "Katie was only given the car by Carl a month or so ago.

"She'll be gutted it's now written off. But the important thing is that shes ok, it's just a car."

Yesterday Katie's family issued a statement urging her to seek help after becoming concerned for her wellbeing.


KATIE Price has been banned from driving six times in the last ten years after a series of infringements.

OCTOBER 2003: Escapes a speeding charge on a technicality.

JUNE 2008: Given three points for talking on mobile.

JULY 2010: Four points for speeding at 99mph.

SEPTEMBER: Three points for veering from her lane in her 7½-ton pink horsebox.

DECEMBER: Six-month ban after three more points for doing 83mph in a 70mph zone takes her total to 13.

AUGUST 2012: 12-month ban after failing to respond to two speeding tickets.

FEBRUARY 2018: Banned for six months for failing to give details about the person driving her speeding car.

JULY: Quizzed by police for getting behind the wheel while still banned. Says she thought ban was over.

SEPTEMBER: Crashes her £63,000 Ranger Rover while allegedly on her mobile.

OCTOBER: Held for suspected drink-driving. Spent a night in the cells.

DECEMBER: Charged over the drink-drive allegation.

JANUARY 2019: Three month ban for driving while banned.

FEBRUARY: Further three months after another driving conviction.

AUTUMN: Issued with sixth ban, this time for two years. Cut to 18 months on appeal.

MARCH 2021: Drives boyfriend’s Range Rover. An admin error meant an extra six months under totting up rules had not been added. Questioned by police.

SEPTEMBER: Arrested after turning over car

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