Libby Squire killer Pawel Relowicz's self-pitying letter to wife from his prison cell begging her to stand by him

LYING Pawel Relowicz begged his Polish wife to stand by him in a self-pitying letter written from his high-security prison cell.

The vile sexual predator, 26, made no mention of his 21-year-old victim Libby Squire in the three-sided note seen by The Sun.

Instead he moans about how "difficult" life is behind bars at Wakefield's notorious Monster Mansion and asks her: "Do you still love me?"

He penned the note in August 2019 – just days after he was jailed for eight years for a series of sexually-motivated crimes in Hull, East Yorks.
Cops linked married dad-of-two Relowicz to the 18-month crimewave as they investigated Libby's disappearance.

He left used condoms at various scenes, was identified by terrified victims and was found with a haul of sex toy trophies he had stolen from their homes.

His begging letter to his wife begins: "I have never written a letter, this is the first one in my life.

"I wanted to ask you how you are feeling, do you still love me?

"It is very difficult for me, I love you and the kids the most in the world.

"I will never stop loving you.

"The things that happened in the past week, I'm broken totally. I wanted to kill myself but I can't because I want to live.

"I have you, I have kids. I saw the pictures you sent me. I want to come back so much. We have beautiful children and you are beautiful.

"I want you to be strong, love the children and love me. I will return to you I promise you this.

"It is difficult now but it will be OK because I didn't do anything.


"I talked to my lawyer and they told me that the police accused me because they don't know what happened with her.

"I asked what evidence, what proof, police gave my lawyer. It is only that I was the last person to see this girl.

"They don't have anything because I didn't do anything.

He goes on: "I want you to be strong, love me. I wish you all the best for your birthday, fulfilment of your dreams, kisses.

"I want you to know that I am strong because I want to come back to you and I know that I am 100 per cent innocent."

He then asks her to transfer £70 to his prison bank account so he can pay for his TV.

Relowicz ends the note – penned in August 2019 – by saying: "I love you deeply and miss you. It will be good, I promise you that."

He then draws a picture of a bear holding a heart with the Polish words for I love you – Kocham Was.

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