Malcolm in The Middle cast: Where are they now? From memory loss, starring in new hit series and starting families

IT'S been 15 years since Malcom in the Middle aired for the last time.

The sitcom TV series ran for 151 episodes across seven seasons, from 2000 to 2006, making families laugh at the relatable day-to-day chaos of being a family.

Since the show wrapped up, many of the actors have kept busy racking up TV series and movie credits.

Others, however, have bowed out of Hollywood and kept a more quiet life.

Here's what the cast is up to more than 20 years after the series first started filming…

Bryan Cranston

Brayan Cranston, 64, played dad Hal on the beloved sitcom.

Over the years, he's starred in a number of hit movies and TV series.

Some of his best known roles include Walter White in Breaking Bad, and Jack O'Donnell in Argo.

He recently made a TV return in the new thriller Your Honor.

Although fans have hoped he'd reprise his role as Walter White, he shut that down.

In June, he revealed he was diagnosed with Covid-19 – but said he felt 'very lucky' and donated his plasma to help others.

He also recently weighed in on a 'fun' Malcom in the Middle crossover theory from fans.

Frankie Muniz

As the show's namesake Frankie Muniz, 35, played the role of Malcom.

He's kept busy acting, appearing in a mix of TV series and movies.

Some of his most recent roles include Mike in Another Day in Paradise (2016), Jonathan in The Black String (2018).

He's also slated to appear in the upcoming movie Road to Capri.

He opened up to People about suffering severe memory loss, as he's suffered nine concussions throughout his life and had a mini-stroke in 2012, followed by a second one less than a year later.

Muniz appeared as a contestant on Dancing with the Stars in 2017, and worked as a host on the Juniors version of the series.

In March, 2020, he revealed he and wife Paige tied the knot.

The duo revealed in September that they are expecting their first child together.

Justin Berfield

Justin Berfield, 34, became best known for his role as older brother Reese on Malcom in the Middle.

After the series ended, he continued acting in a handful of roles – but has since been on a hiatus from Hollywood as he focuses on his personal life.

He appeared in an episode of Sons Of Tucson in 2010 – but that's the last time he's racked up a credit.

Berfield has been quiet about his personal life – but revealed in May 2020 that he became a father to a little girl.

Erik Per Sullivan

Erik Per Sullivan, 29, played Dewey Wilkerson in the family Sitcom.

He racked up a few credits in Mo (2007) and Arthur and the Invisibles (2006) after the show wrapped up.

His last acting credit, however, was as Timmy in the movie Twelve (2010), and he's since lived a quiet life off-screen.

Jane Kaczmarek

Now 65, Jane Kaczmarek acted as Lois Wilkerson in the series.

She'd racked up a number of acting credits ahead of the show – and has kept busy continuing to grow that list since.

Some of her most recent roles include Red Jessica in the animated series Jake and the Neverland Pirates, Gloria in 6 Balloons (2018), and Mary in Wolves at the Door (2016).

She's also set to appear in the upcoming movie Killing Elanor.

In 2010, she and husband Bradley Whitford divorced.

Christopher Masterson

Christopher Masterson, 41, played Malcom's older brother, Francis on Malcom in the Middle.

Like several of his former co-stars, he's kept busy acting over the years.

Some of his most recent roles include Trevor in Bad Roomies (2015,) Eddie in I'd Like to Be Alone Now (2019), and George Middleton in Beneath the Leaves (2019).

In June 2019, he and wife Yolanda Pecoraro Masterson tied the knot.

The duo revealed in November 2020 they are expecting their first child together with a post on Yolanda's Instagram.

Craig Lamar Traylor

Craig Lamar Traylor, 31, played the role of Stevie Kenarban, Malcom's friend.

He appeared in a few different movies following the series' end, with his last credit being as the role of Tyrone MC in This Bitter Earth (2012).

He's now a wire artist in Brooklyn, and makes jewelry and other designs, according to social media.

David Anthony Higgins

David Anthony Higgins, 59, was known for his role as Craig Feldspar in the TV series.

He's continued to rack up a number of acting credits over recent years.

Some of his most notable roles include Reginald Bitters in the series Big Time Rush, Stan in American Horror Story, and Jerry in the series B Positive.

He was an avid critic of former President Donald Trump, frequently tweeted about him, and encouraged people to vote ahead of the last election.

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