Meghan Markle wanted to be Queen… Oprah interview is her revenge

FINDING fame and fortune in Hollywood has been Meghan Markle’s burning ambition for over 30 years.

Ever since her father — a film lighting designer — took his young daughter to a studio she has yearned for stardom.

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Repeatedly, Tinseltown rejected her. Tonight’s two-hour appearance on US TV and its replay to millions worldwide is her revenge.

Not only against some of the studio bosses who dismissed her as another second-rate actress, but also against everyone else who failed to appreciate her immense talents.

Fixed firmly in her sights tonight is the Queen, the Royal Family and Britain’s establishment.

Like everyone else in Meghan’s self-centred world, their sin is to have rejected her wishes.

Like a Hollywood diva, she has cursed those who don’t understand that being the Duchess of Sussex was not enough.

Walking in procession behind the other royals, especially Prince William and Kate, was demeaning.


She wanted to be the Queen of England. All those Britons who stood in her way are accused of sexism and racism.

The question is whether Meghan ever intended to stay in Britain.

Did she honestly want to sacrifice her Californian lifestyle and serve as a member of the Royal Family in rainy Britain?

Or did she, as I believe, always intend to use the marriage and title as a stepping stone to further her ambitions in the sunshine?

Convinced of her own greatness, Meghan thinks she has, for years, been the victim of plots to destroy her destiny.

While others shone in leading roles, Meghan had bit parts.

Until five years ago, her most recognised credit was featuring in a Canadian TV soap called Suits.

After she was written out in 2016, her career hit a brick wall. Adrift but undaunted in Toronto, she orchestrated a new start.

Brilliantly, she invented a new script. Intelligent, attractive and ruthless, Meghan set her sights on marrying higher. And she headed to London.

“Who are the single men?” she asked an Englishwoman. Among the cast list was Prince Harry.

Their meeting in a London club was described as “a blind date”. But Meghan knew exactly who she was meeting — and how much the relationship could work for her.

Alone and miserable, Harry, then 31, was a forlorn character searching for love.


A series of unhappy relationships and public relations disasters had put a dent in his reputation.

But his military service in Afghanistan and his creation of the Invictus Games for disabled military servicemen had added supporters to those who still recalled the enchanting small boy walking behind his mother’s coffin.

Harry fell head over heels in love. We don’t know if the actress felt the same.  

One truth is certain: Harry’s closest relations including William and Prince Charles were wary whether the Hollywood divorcee would make the necessary sacrifices to serve as a loyal member of the Royal Family.

Insiders heard how she had ended her two-year marriage to Trevor Engelson.

Without forewarning, Engelson opened a letter sent from Toronto to Los Angeles containing her wedding and engagement rings. Outraged, he told a friend: “I feel like I was a piece of something stuck to the bottom of her shoe.”

On Meghan and Harry’s brilliant wedding day in Windsor in 2018, the Royal Family genuinely embraced the bride and her mother. The waiting crowds cheered themselves hoarse. Only a few insiders could have imagined the horrors which have followed.

“What Meghan wants, Meghan gets,” Harry famously raged during the preparations. Meghan’s demand to wear a particular tiara had been vetoed by Buckingham Palace.

Even on that sunlit day, no doubt she fumed against the Royal Family.

Like a consummate actress, she concealed her anger and smiled. Over the following months, stories emerged of Meghan’s tearful staff complaining of bullying and worse. Her spokespeople vigorously denied the allegations.

Her decision to move from Kensington Palace to Frogmore Cottage in Windsor hinted at the breach with the Royal Family. Insiders could not believe that a Californian would want to live for long under the Heathrow flight path.

Flying on a private jet to New York for a £350,000 baby shower party with US celebrities confirmed her contempt for modesty.


Refusing to show son Archie’s face to the camera after his birth and demanding privacy, while constantly speaking to US journalists, confirmed her hypocrisy.

Friends’ criticisms of the Queen, prompted it seemed by Meghan, were outrightly rude. Insiders know there is more scandal to emerge.

One year later, I considered writing the truth about Meghan. I knew the Royal Family and their staff had become alarmed that she threatened to become an agent of destruction.

The fragile House of Windsor feared that Meghan’s refusal to discard Hollywood’s celebrity culture and adopt the conservative traditions embraced by the palaces would doom her new marriage and jeopardise the monarchy. Those suspicions were dismissed as racist.

That reaction was not entirely unjustified. In Britain and in America, Meghan is remarkably popular, especially among women.

Her supporters admire her ambition and outspokenness. Her critics are usually white.

Two weeks that have rocked the Royals

FEB 15: CBS reveals that Oprah will film an interview with the Sussexes.

FEB 16: Prince Philip, 99, admitted to hospital.

FEB 18: Buckingham Pal-ace announces Harry and Meghan have been stripped of their patronages and titles. Sussexes hit back at Queen’s idea of “service”. Oprah seen boarding her private jet to Hawaii after filming the interview.

FEB 19: Duke remains “in good spirits”, sources say.

FEB 26: James Corden screens his chat with Harry who claims life in Britain was “toxic”.

MARCH 1: Prince Philip taken to St Bart’s hospital for tests. Harry speaks in first of two 30-second Oprah trailers, saying it has “been unbelievably tough”.

MARCH 3: Queen orders a new investigation into allegations Meghan bullied staff. Prince Philip has successful heart op at St Bart’s hospital.

MARCH 4: Meghan says The Firm “perpetuated falsehoods” in Oprah clip.

MARCH 5: A final Oprah clip reveals Meghan has been plotting the interview for three years.

Those who foresee that she and Harry are determined to plunge the country into a similar crisis as the abdication of King Edward VIII in 1936 are dismissed as prejudiced.

Yet seeing Meghan and Harry on the lawn with Oprah Winfrey, the image is strikingly similar to the Duke and Duchess of Windsor after 1937. The ex-king’s relationship with US divorcee Wallis Simpson critically damaged the monarchy.

At least the Windsors were aware of the problems.

Meghan and Harry clearly do not care about the uproar they are causing. On the contrary, they are clearly eager for a battle.

Buckingham Palace fears that Meghan sees outright warfare as a badge of pride. In her selfish manner, she believes that she is entitled to say what she wants to Oprah Winfrey. Those who criticise her inventions are racist and sexist.

Amid the gunfire, many are sad that Harry has been turned against his family. By appearing on US TV tonight, he has sold his soul. The outcome can only be bloody casualties in both camps.

Britain’s monarchy will survive and Meghan won’t be Queen of England. But she clearly dreams that, when the smoke of battle disappears, she might be a US senator or even president.

Racism not ingrained in this country

By Johnson Beharry VC

I KNOW Prince Harry very well. I’ve a close relationship and a great deal of respect. He’s a good man.

Meghan may discuss on the show her experience in Britain and the royal family as a mixed race woman.

In my experience, Britain is not a racist country.

There are a minority of racists in the UK not a majority. It’s not ingrained in this country at all.

The only time I experienced racism was at 19 on London’s Piccadilly Line.

An 11-year-old boy with his dad said: “Look Daddy he’s black.” His father didn’t do or say anything.

I didn’t take it to heart as he was a kid. I’ve never seen racism in the royal family. I’ve met many royals many times. The last event I attended was a VC and George Cross reunion.

The Queen, Prince Philip and princesses Eugenie and Beatrice were there.

They treated everyone the same whether from Britain, India or the Caribbean.

There’s no problem with racism in the royal family.

The military’s my ex- tended family, the Queen’s my boss and I couldn’t be more proud to serve them.

A bully… or woman of strength?

By Joanna Jarjue

IS Meghan a bully or do people hate black women telling them what to do?

I and many other black women around the globe have shared the same, repeated experiences.

Telling someone what to do from a position of authority, asking for respect or even daring to stick up for yourself can result in being labelled angry, aggressive and, in this case, a bully.

The sentiment of some of these rumours of tension for the past two years has always been clear to me — how dare this girl swan in with her 6am emails and huge files to instruct us?

Supporters of Meghan could be justified in thinking the claims have been timed to discredit her.

Palace aides have promised a full investigation. But where was the concern when Princess Michael of Kent wore a racist brooch to a family function attended by Meghan?

Could it be some of the attacks planted in the media were from those responsible for protecting her? She certainly alludes to it with Oprah and it’s completely believable.

10 questions we want to hear

HERE are ten questions we would like the couple to answer:

Q: Meghan, why did you split from your first husband, film producer Trevor Engelson after just two years of marriage? Your friends were shocked and suggested you put your career first after landing a role filming Suits in Toronto.

Q: Harry, don’t you think it’s odd you’ve never met your father-in-law Thomas? And Meghan why won’t you make it up to him? He is desperate to see his grandson before he dies.

Q: Meghan, why did you say in your engagement interview you had never heard of Harry before you met him? Does anyone believe that?

Q: Why were you so surprised at the pressures of being a royal? You knew what happened to Princess Diana and Harry said he told you what to prepare for.

Q: Why did you agree to a lavish wedding watched by the whole world but didn’t want a royal title for Archie? Was it because you never intended to stay in the royal family?

Q: Wasn’t it insensitive to complain about your lot in Africa, Meghan, while surrounded by people living in abject poverty?

Q: Why did you both lecture us on climate change and then take private jets on holidays?

Q: Meghan, why have reports emerged that you bullied Kensington Palace staff and why would anyone make them up?

Q: Harry, how does any of this help to heal the rift with the royal family, particularly your brother William?

Q: How could you bring about all this negative publicity when Prince Philip in hospital?

Bully rap 'time up'

TOO much time has passed for action to be taken regarding bullying claims against Meghan, says an employment rights expert.

Alex Monaco said: “There is a three-month limit for most claims and as this complaint was made in 2018, it seems that deadline has long passed.

“If normal procedures were followed then Meghan, as effective manager of the employees, should have been spoken to at the time.

“After that, it’s up to the human resources department to decide if the allegations are true and if the manager needs to be sent for retraining or even dismissed.”

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