Postwoman vows to keep making TikTok videos after being blasted for 'joke' over not leaving parcels after two seconds

A POSTWOMAN who filmed herself weeping after a "joke" about her two-second wait to deliver a parcel was blasted online says she won't stop making TikToks.

Welsh Royal mail worker Laura Orgill, 26, sparked outrage when she posted a video on the social media site showing how she shoves a ‘We missed you’ leaflet through the letterbox just seconds after knocking.

There was fury after she posted the clip, with some even reporting her to bosses.

But in a tearful video, Laura said she'd simply been making a joke in a bid to spread "positivity and fun".

And she's now vowed to continue recording footage for her followers, who number more than 745,000.

Thanking fans for their support, she said: "I'm overwhelmed with all the love and support I've received.

"I cannot thank you all enough. It's the only thing that has got me through.

"People have even started putting signs up on their doors saying they support me."

She said she now wants to get past the drama.

"It's time now to move forward and put all this in the past," she said.

"I'm going to keep continuing to be myself and engage with all my followers, and get back to creating more entertaining content."

The furore began when Laura shared a video of herself apparently waiting just moments on a doorstep before taking the customer's package back to her van.

The postal worker, who went viral after showing clips of her rounds in the Rhondda Valley, videoed herself laughing and flashing the peace sign.

She captioned the video: "When a customer takes longer than 2 seconds to answer the door" – and later added: "When customers take ages to answer the door."

But the joke backfired as after posting her parcel video, she was inundated with angry comments from Royal Mail customers fed up of having to chase their packages.

One said: “Sacked tomorrow", while another posted: “Joke’s on you, I’ve sent this to your employer."

Laura then shared another video of herself in tears.

She said: “I’ve very upset about the situation.

"All I did was use a trending sound and think of a funny scenario that people think that posties do to match the sound and unfortunately people have taken it seriously.

“All I’ve tried to do is use my platform to spread positivity and fun.

“During such uncertain times which has now led to me being upset, all through the last year I used my platform for good.”

Laura's mum told the Sun Online the backlash had been "really hard for her".

She said: "What she said was plainly a joke. It's ridiculous.

“She phoned me crying and saying how upset she is and that it was only ever a joke.

“I don’t think what she did was stupid. It really was just a joke.”

Royal Mail has since confirmed Laura had not been fired but that she had been spoken to.

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