Putin’s ‘secret love child, 17’ downs champagne and flaunts Gucci facemask on Instagram as world faces Covid hell

RUSSIAN president Vladimir Putin has been accused of blowing millions on a harem of mistresses and love children as images of a ‘secret’ 17-year-old daughter flaunting her champagne lifestyle emerged online.

Glamorous Instagram pictures show teenage Elizaveta – known as Luiza – flashing a Gucci facemask, dancing in designer gear and drinking cocktails and champagne as the world faces lockdown amid the rising tide of coronavirus.

The luxury-loving teen is said to be Putin’s love child with his ex-mistress Svetlana Krivonogikh, a former cleaner.

And the teenager has sparked consternation among Putin aides by opening her own Instagram account  – which has been unearthed by arrested opposition leader Alexei Navalny.

Luiza’s posts expose her love for exclusive brands including YSL, Bottega Veneta, Miu Miu, Tom Ford, Chanel, Jacquemus, Dolce & Gabbana, Valentino, Alexander Wang and Maison Margiela.

A video on the platform shows her dancing with a teenaged Russian boyfriend who attended a Surrey public school – sparking rumours that Luiza was also UK educated.

The number of her followers has rocketed from 17,000 to 42,000 in a matter of hours and continues to explode – as she hit back at “haters” blasting her bragging.

Other Russian teenagers piled in to attack her as the nation battles spiralling hardship in the midst of the Covid-19 crisis widely believed to have been hushed up by her father.

Comments on Luiza's Insta have included "Wow, I can see a sweater paid for by my taxes. How many pensions does this sweater cost?" and "What do you say in school when they ask you: 'Who is your father?'”

Other posters wrote "You have nothing more pleasant to do than showing off all the brands purchased with the money you don't own” and "What is it like to be born with Putin’s face?"


The revelations from Navalny come after he exposed a dossier on Putin’s alleged £1 billion pleasure palace.

Brave Novichok poison victim Navalny claims in a new video – made before he was held as he returned to Russia on Sunday – that Putin's secret brood from a series of love trysts lives in obscene luxury.

He reveals the ever-virile 68-year-old’s latest flame is former gold-medal winning Olympic gymnast Alina Kabaeva, who he says lives like a queen.

But he is also said to have fathered Elizaveta in 2003.

The leader of the Russia of the Future Party says in his latest video: “Putin – as befits a person who imagines himself a monarch – has a rich and eventful personal life.

"The needs of our humble president are not at all limited to the Black Sea palace.

"What about the relatives?

“You do not expect that they, like some ordinary people, will live on a salary?

"Everyone needs a place to live. Everyone needs a plane. Everyone needs a yacht.

“All this must be paid for. This means that we need a financial scheme and people who will fill this scheme with money.

“This slush fund….is used by Putin in order to cover the expenses of family members.”

Navalny says Luiza’s mum, former cleaner Svetlana, 45, “was just a pretty young girl, but now she has turned into an incredibly rich woman, a shareholder of Rossiya Bank”.

“No-one can understand how such happiness fell on Krivonogikh, who once worked as a cleaner,” he said.

“Here’s the answer. Krivonogikh met Putin in the late 1990s, and in 2003 … she gave birth to his daughter Elizaveta.”

Navalny claimed Svetlana was then mysteriously gifted several luxury apartments by billionaire oligarch friends of Putin.

He added: “After Krivonogikh gave birth to Putin's child, a bunch of assets – including a three per cent  stake in Rossiya Bank – were registered for her” – as was a yacht, the 118-ft yacht Aldoga.

“This is another example of how Putin's friends steal from the entire country, and as a token of gratitude they support Putin's mistress and her child.

“Putin's personal life concerns only him.

“He can even have 20 families if he desires, it’s none of our business. His tumultuous relationship is paid for by bribes and corruption.

“Get this – there are 20 million beggars in the country, and he buys a yacht for his mistress."


Navalny goes on to claim that the fortunes deluged on Luiza and her mum are a “trifle” compared with the funding of his current love, sexy ex-gymnast Alina Kabaeva, 37.

He said: "Billions of stolen money are being spent on supporting another woman of Putin.”

He claimed Kabaeva’s grandmother was given a luxury apartment in St Petersburg by Gennady Timchenko, an oligarch pal of Putin – then was given two more houses.

Alina also now controls major newspapers and TV stations in Russia as chairwoman of National Media Group – which belongs to another close Putin oligarch Yury Kovalchuk.

Navalny said: “Kabaeva is the best in the world at jumping with a ball and a ribbon.

“But she would not have been able to manage television companies and newspapers if not for her connection with Putin.

Alina’s official salary was said to be £7.8 million.

New bombshell claims about Putin’s private life exploded online yesterday as Navalny’s wife Yulia, 44, claimed she is being watched in Moscow by “police operatives”.

Alluding to Stalin times, she posted: “I am being followed as a wife of an enemy of the state. 1937 has arrived, and we didn't even notice it.”

Navalny was ordered to be held in custody for 30 days on Sunday after being arrested at Moscow passport control minutes after arriving from Berlin.

He faces up to more jail time on allegedly trumped-up charges of miss-use of funds – and ten years if a case of treason and collusion with America’s CIA are brought against him.

Lawyer and anti-corruption campaigner Navalny unleashed the new video attack from an arsenal of footage filmed before he was arrested after arriving back from Berlin on Sunday.

He fled to Germany after falling victim to a near fatal novichok poisoning in Siberia last August – but braved Putin’s goons to return and resume battle with the strongman president.

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