Shocking moment man nearly gets run over by car as he flees terrifying dog attack after beast locks onto his arm | The Sun

SHOCKING footage shows the moment a man nearly gets run over as he flees a terrifying dog attack.

The horrific incident reportedly took place on Winson Street in Smethwick, Birmingham, on February 18.

Video shows a man walking his two dogs outside a barber shop before the pets charge in to attack a man inside.

As the startled man runs outside, one hound can be seen gripping his hand and he struggles to free himself from the animal's powerful bite.

But the dog refuses to let go and is seen viciously tugging at the man during the terrifying attack.

At one point the victim manages to free himself and bolts away after inspecting his sleeve which is completely torn.

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But his relief is only short-lived as the aggressive dog – who is now off its leash – charges towards him near the junction of a road.

Fearing for his safety, the man flees across the road, darting between incoming traffic.

He narrowly avoids being hit by a large white van before very nearly being run over by another vehicle.

Unfortunately, the evasive action means the dog catches him up and once again starts to maul him with his jaws seen latched on to his arm.

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The dog owner – who is still holding on to his other pet – can be seen handing the lead over to someone out-of-shot before running to the man to help.

He can be seen trying to wrestle his dog off the stricken victim in the middle of the road as shocked bystanders watch on.

The dog owner frantically tries to haul his dog off by wrenching at the lead before even aiming a swipe at his pet as it continues its frenzied attack.

It is not known who are the parties involved in the incident or the injuries the man sustained.

West Midlands Police have been contacted for comment.

It comes after a spate of dog attacks saw incidents shoot up in the past year.

Between 2001 and 2021, there was an average of 3.3 dog-related deaths each year.

Last year, that shot up to ten.

In January this year, four-year-old Alice Stones died after being attacked by a dog in her back garden in Milton Keynes, Bucks.

And just last month, Natasha Johnston, 28, was mauled to death by the dogs she was walking in Surrey.

The Covid lockdowns saw an explosion in the number of new dog owners and in pets being bought from unscrupulous breeders.

These animals are more likely to suffer from behavioural problems.

At the same time there has been a disturbing social media trend of filming stunts that involve winding up dogs in a dangerous way.

There were 21,918 recorded dog attacks in 2022 compared with 16,294 in 2018.

One factor behind the increase is the rise in certain breeds, including the muscly American bully, which stems from the American pitbull terrier.

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Six of the ten dog-related deaths in the UK last year were caused by bully or bully crosses.

These included the death of Shirley Patrick, 83.

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