Shocking moment police officer appears to knock out Charlton fan

Shocking moment Manchester police officer appears to knock out Charlton fan before walking away leaving him lying motionless in the rain outside Old Trafford

  • A video from outside Old Trafford seems to show police officer knocking out fan
  • The incident is believed to have happened on Tuesday night after Charlton game
  • Appalled witnesses can be heard in video saying: ‘He’s knocked out, isn’t he?’ 
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A shocking video seems to shows the moment a Charlton fan is knocked out cold by a police officer outside Old Trafford. 

The man is seen approaching three police officers in the car park just moments after Manchester United’s win in a dominating 3-0 performance over Charlton at around 10pm on Tuesday evening. 

He is knocked – apparently unconscious – to the floor before another man is restrained by three police officers.  

Witnesses have said the policing of the game was unnecessarily aggressive and that officers did not show appropriate concern for the unconscious man. 

A small tussle breaks out between a group of fans and some police officers. Witnesses said the game had been aggressively policed 

The man was shoved to the ground by a police officer and appeared to have been knocked unconscious

A small group of fans appear to be having a tussle with Greater Manchester police officers in the car park, which is relatively quiet, the footage shows. 

One police officer gives the Charlton fan a shove and then pushes him to the ground, at which point the police officers walk away. 

The man is left lying face down on the floor next to a puddle in the wet weather, seemingly unconscious. 

Horrified fans who saw the incident can be heard asking: ‘He’s knocked out, isn’t he?’

Another fan can be seen being taken away by three police officers, who at one point restrain him on the ground before lifting him off the ground.   

The police officers can be seen standing over the man, who is lying prone on the floor in the car park, before they walk away 

The fan, apparently unconscious, was left lying alone in the car park by the police officers, witnesses said 

A witness to the incident, James, who didn’t want to share his surname, said that the incident had come ‘out of the blue’ as away team fans boarded buses home. 

James, who filmed the clip, said: ‘It was out of the blue. All Charlton fans were behaving well, a few small disturbances as you get at a football match.

‘But the fella who got pushed by the police officer wasn’t really doing anything to deserve that force used on him.’

Another fan was dragged across the car park at Old Trafford where Charlton fans were boarding buses home 

Another man was tackled to the ground by three police officers after the incident before being led away as the video ends

James expressed concern that the officers had not checked on the fan, who is left lying on the floor in the car park.  

‘He was just left there. He could still be there now, who knows?

‘The officer didn’t even bother to check his welfare and if he’s injured, just walked off with two other officers.’

James added that he thought the treatment of away fans had been aggressive throughout the game. 

Greater Manchester Police have been contacted for comment on the video.  

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