Shocking moment sharks leaps out of water and bites PARASAILER’S FOOT at Red Sea resort

THIS is the shocking moment a shark leaps out of the water and bites a parasailer’s foot, at a resort in the Red Sea.

Footage of the horrifying incident shows the tandem paraglider, a 37-year-old Jordanian man, hovering above the water when the shark suddenly emerges and chomps his leg.

The man sustained serious injuries in the attack in Aqaba on Friday evening, and was rushed to the Prince Hashem Military Hospital.

Medics operated on his right foot, which had several tendons severed and the muscle torn in the incident, as well as having several broken bones.

He was later said to be in a stable condition.

Mohammad Qatawneh, from the Aqaba International Dive Centre, told local media attacks by sharks in the Gulf of Aqaba are rare.

Speaking to Jordan News, he said: “The shark attack garnered a lot of media attention. Truthfully, it scared a lot of people, but this is something that can take place anywhere.

"In Karak, for example, there are snakes and scorpions, but in the end, they’re not dangerous enough to scare people away.

"I’ve been diving for 20 years and this is the first time I’ve heard of a shark attack.”

Despite Qatawneh’s comments, a boat was attacked by a shark in another incident on Sunday, just two days after the parasailer was brutally bitten.

Eyewitnesses said no humans were injured when the animal attacked a speedboat.

On Sunday, two days after the initial attack, the head of the Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority (ASEZA) Nayef al-Bakhit announced a committee was being formed to investigate the two incidents.

According to reports from Roya News, the committee would issue a statement about what happened  following the investigation.

Bakhit said ASEZA had not been informed of the incident, nor were any sharks seen in the Gulf of Aqaba on Sunday.

Bakhit stressed that the Royal Jordanian Navy continued to guard beaches.

Tourism and swimming activities in Aqaba are continuing normally, he stressed.

Reports of the two attacks come after a tourist was mauled by a shark close by, in Marsa Alam, Egypt, while diving with the creatures late last year.

An oceanic whitetip shark lunged at the German woman's neck and latched on before instructors pulled her away to safety.

The victim, 42, was attacked on a diving trip in Marsa Alam, which is famed for regular sightings of sharks on the reef offshore.

Footage shows the moment of panic as the shark sinks its teeth into the woman and thrashes its tail as she spins away.

A nearby instructor moves in to help pull the shark off her before the short clip ends.

The local Masr Times said the brave instructor had to stop the shark twice more while the other three divers on the trip swam back to their boat.

The injured German woman was taken to hospital where she had stitches for a large wound in her shoulder.

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