Teen left with facial burns after iPhone charger 'burst into flames'

Girl, 17, is left with burns on her face after iPhone charger ‘burst into flames and set her duvet on fire’ as she slept

  • Amie Hall saw a bright orange glow while nodding off at home in Birmingham
  • She leapt out of bed as flames took hold but suffered a nasty burn to her cheek
  • Apple says it takes customer safety ‘very seriously’ and is looking into the matter

Amie Hall was left with painful facial burns after her iPhone charger suddenly exploded into flames on her bed while she drifted off to sleep

A teenage girl was left with painful facial burns after her iPhone charger suddenly burst into flames and set her duvet on fire as she drifted off to sleep.

Amie Hall, 17, had been nodding off when she became aware of a bright orange glow on the duvet next to her in the early hours of last Thursday.

She leapt out of bed as the flames quickly took hold but suffered a nasty burn to her cheek as she tried to escape her bedroom at around 2am.

Former dental nurse Amie then called for her mother who was able to extinguish the blaze before it spread to the other rooms of their house in Kitts Green, Birmingham.

Amie is now warning others about the dangers of charging their gadgets overnight following the frightening incident.

She said: ‘I just want people to be aware and stay safe as this could have been a lot worse. It was extremely scary and I was left in complete shock.

‘I had just been lying down and I was falling asleep when I became aware of flashing orange colours next to me.

‘I ran out of my room and shouted my mum and luckily she managed to put out the fire without the need to call the fire brigade.

‘The burn was very sore but I know it could have been more serious. The flames just caught me as it burnt through my duvet.

‘My home is where my family is safe and if my house would have gone up in flames it would have been the worst feeling.’

The charger (left) exploded overnight and caused damage to the duvet (right) as well as Amie’s face

Amie also took to social media to share pictures of her nasty burns and to highlight the dangers of overnight phone charging.

She wrote on Facebook: ‘Please keep in mind when charging your phone.

‘So 2am this morning I was lying down as you do on my phone. Plugged in my charger and it set alight.

‘My bed cover/duvet set on fire and also caught my face. This isn’t even a cheap charger, it’s an Apple charger.

‘Please don’t go to bed and leave your phone charging overnight.

‘If I was asleep this could have been a lot worse and this could have set my whole family home up with all my family in.

‘Please be aware that this can happen to anyone and could be a lot worse. It’s dangerous. Please share.’

A spokeswoman for Apple said: ‘Apple takes customer safety very seriously, is in touch with the customer and looking into the matter.’

The company has published advice on safe charging, in which it warns that doing so in a poorly ventilated space or where moisture is present could prove a fire hazard. 

West Midlands Fire Service has been approached for comment. 

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