Teen Mom Briana DeJesus' daughter 'fed lines by MTV to make her believe she's not close' to dad Devoin, grandma claims

BRIANA DeJesus’ daughter Nova, 9, is “fed lines” by Teen Mom producers, the child's worried grandmother has claimed.

Charita Austin, 50, mom of the reality star's baby daddy Devoin, fears the story lines producers want her to follow "confuse" the youngster and make her “anxious” to believe that she's "not close" to her father’ side of the family.

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Speaking exclusively to The Sun, Charita, from Kissimmee, FL, said she found recent scenes involving Nova “painful” to watch and she wishes her granddaughter was “no longer involved in the show.”

Charita revealed exclusively to The Sun she's worried about how the nine-year-old's classmates will react to her being on TV as Nova gets older, especially in her teens.

The Sun has contacted MTV for comment about Charita's claims.

Charita, who has a strained relationship with Briana, told us: “It's painful for me to watch Nova in the show now.

“She has to try to remember her lines, what the producers are telling her to say.

“If you watch some recent episodes you can see Nova struggling to understand what is happening.

"I saw her answer a question, and then had to change her answer to fit the script! It happened several times. Anyone watching saw that.

“In one episode, Briana was telling Nova ‘you’re going to your grandmother’s for the first time.’

“That was talking about me but she has been to see me many times.

"I'm worried it's making her confused and anxious she is not close to her daddy's family."

The worried grandmother, whom has claimed she "helped raise" Nova, continued: “I wish that she wasn’t in the show, that she was left out of it now.

“And I worry about what things are like for her at school.

“She’s nine now, and I am sure the other kids bring up the show.

“But what’s going to happen when she’s older, when she’s 13, when she’s a teenager?

“It’s hard enough just being a teenager these days without all the drama of the show. The other kids are sure going to bring it up when she’s older.

“That’s what makes me concerned about all the drama that’s being created for the show now.

“I’m worried it’s going to come back and haunt Nova when she’s older and I don’t want that to happen.

“There doesn’t seem to be any concern as to what it all means for Nova in the future, it’s just all about making dramas for the show here and now.

“It’s got to be confusing for Nova, too, because she’s so young, knowing what’s really real and what isn’t.

“I was worried for Devoin when Nova was little because of the way Briana’s mom Roxanne behaved.

“It was hard to see the way he was being treated.

“But I have to say, Roxanne has gotten better over the years.

“I wish on the one hand I had taken part more in the show to defend him.

“But I honestly think now I have made the right decision not to be involved any more so Nova can never see any of the drama we’ve been caught up in.

“Ultimately, she has to have somebody in her world who’s looking out for her above all else.

“Let’s just keep it classy, you know what I mean?

“Nova is a ray of sunshine, a happy-go-lucky kid.

“She sings and dances, she’s smart.

“I just don’t want the fact she is in the show to have any long-term damage on her.”

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